Welcome to Somewhere in Arkansas!

Hey y’all!

We are Karen and Emily, a mother and daughter from, you guessed it, Arkansas. We live in the capitol city of Little Rock.

It seems that our home state of Arkansas is often overlooked and underestimated. We think that it deserves way more acclaim and attention than it receives and we look forward to sharing all the things we love about this beautiful place!

Our Arkansas home has delicious food, friendly people, incredible natural beauty, wonderful cities with great museums and activities.

We will be sharing all the wonderful Arkansas activities as we explore our wonderful home state. There is so much to experience.

You will always find us “somewhere in Arkansas.”

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Emily also blogs at Wear I Wandered. On this blog she talks about her life as a flight attendant, fabulous places to visit, as well as fashion and packing tips.

You can contact us at: Wheelsupenterprises@gmail.com

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