Triple Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the state of Arkansas! Not only that, but it is an easy hike, only about .4 miles round trip with a gorgeously scenic reward at the end.

This hike is not to be missed especially if you are in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas during the wet weather season.


Who went on this hike? Both of the writers of this blog – Karen and Emily, along with Em’s husband Daniel and their toddler daughter.

Triple Falls near Jasper, Arkansas (AKA: Twin Falls)

Interestingly, the official name of this waterfall is “twin falls.” Probably because there are actually only two sources of water that feed the waterfall.

One source is a fresh water spring (which means that a couple of the falls flow pretty well most of the year.) The other is a wet weather creek. During times when the area has had recent rainfall there will be three streams of water falling over the cliffside.

Because of this most people call this Triple Falls.


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Where is Triple Falls located and How do you get there?

Triple Falls is located just outside of the small and charming mountain town of Jasper, Arkansas. You can put Camp Orr into your GPS or if that doesn’t work try going to Kyle’s Landing. (Kyle’s Landing is an excellent camping area on the Buffalo River)

You will take the turn on the dirt road that leads to Kyles Landing and when the road forks you will go to the right. Follow this all the way until you come to a parking area.

There will be a sign indicating the trail!


Sounds easy right?

Not so fast!

It is important to know that the road down to the parking area is about 1.8 miles of dirt road that is very steep and fairly rough.

You will want to watch your brakes on the way down to make sure that they don’t overheat. Also, consider your vehicle, because it will have to make it all the way back up!

We went in my Subaru and had no problems but if you don’t have 4-wheel or all-wheel drive it could be an issue.

Also be aware that there is little to no cell service in this area.


Is Triple Falls a Good Hike for Younger Children

Yes! If you have a vehicle that can make the drive to the bottom of the hill…and back up then this is a great hike for children. We took my almost almost 2 year old granddaughter and she loved it!

The path to the waterfall is flat and only about .2 of a mile long.


More Things to Know About a Visit to Triple Falls!

  • One section of this waterfall is spring fed, but the other is rain dependent. To see three waterfalls flowing you will want to go when there has been ample rainfall.
  • The path to the falls can be a little muddy – plus you might want to walk in the water once you get there so it is best to wear waterproof shoes. We love our Hokas which you can see in the photo above.
  • The waterfall is on the property of Camp Orr which is a Boy Scout camp. Don’t walk past the signs for the camp and BEHAVE at the waterfall so that the public doesn’t lose access to the falls.
  • If you are staying at Kyle’s Landing there is a hike from the campground to the falls which is about 4 miles.
  • You will see some trails that lead to the top of the falls and if you climb up I’ve been told that you can see the spring that feeds them. Be careful if you go to the top! And, of course, this would not be appropriate for young children.

I hope that you enjoy your walk to Triple Falls! Let us know what you think.

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