We recently had the pleasure of visiting the small Delta town of Wilson, Arkansas and staying at The Louis Hotel. Everything about the Louis Hotel was warm, welcoming, and delightful.

This hotel opened in early summer 2023. You may be surprised to learn that it is one of the most luxurious properties in the state of Arkansas.

There are so many things that make the Louis a special place, but above all is the attention to detail which begins even before you set foot in the hotel.

View of a building from a town square. The building is in a tudor style with brownish red brick and a steep shingled roof. There is a type of square turret on the front with a steeply pitched roof. There are Tudor style beams. Two crepe myrtle trees are on the left side of the photo. This is the Louis Hotel in Wilson Arkansas. Pin

Review of The Louis Hotel in Wilson, Arkansas

Location of The Louis Hotel

The hotel is located right on the main square in the historic town of Wilson. Wilson is a unique place that is located in the Arkansas Mississippi Delta region.

Read All about the town of Wilson, Arkansas

Wilson, Arkansas: A Town to Watch

The town is extraordinary and The Louis Hotel is one of its gems.

Address of The Louis Hotel

3 Cross St, Wilson, AR 72395

Book your stay and get more information

The Louis Hotel website.

View of a very quaint town square with brick sidewalks. You can see two sides of the square and the buildings in the distance are built in a Tudor-style. There are large oak trees on the square and crepe myrtle trees with white blooms. The grass is very green and the lawn is shaded under the tree. This is the town of Wilson, ArkansasPin

The Staff at The Louis Hotel

From the moment you pull into the parking lot the warmth and attentiveness of the hotel staff is evident. This is a place where everybody knows your name, where doors are opened, and where welcome beverages are extended.

Every staff member we encountered during our weekend stay was both pleasant and attentive. No request was too much. They were also knowledgeable about the hotel and the town and able and willing to answer questions.

We highly commend all of the staff members. They were the ones who made our stay especially memorable.

Decor and Atmosphere

Housed in a completely restored Tudor style building, the hotel captivated us with its unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary charm.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see old buildings renovated in a way that wipes them clean of their vintage charm and history. This is definitely NOT the case with The Louis.

The design and renovation choices pay homage to the history and heart of the building, the town, and the surrounding Delta farmland.

Who is Louis?

One of our favorite things about the hotel is that it is named after the owner’s beloved dog. You will see whimsical representations of “Louie” all around the hotel.

a paneled wall painted a dark blue with five pieces of art all in row. Each piece of art is hanging by a cord from a hook, framed in a narrow black frame and has a large white mat around a picture of a dog. It appears to all be the same dog although each piece of art represents him in a different style. The dog is Louie for whom the Hotel Louis in Wilson, Arkansas is named. Pin

Accommodations at The Louis Hotel

It was in the rooms that you could really feel The Louis Hotel’s dedication to creating an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.

This is a small boutique hotel with only 16 king rooms and suites. The guest rooms are all located above the lobby on the second floor of the hotel. They were exceptional.

There were four of us traveling together so we had two rooms, a king room and a king suite. Both exuded a cozy elegance combined with delightful southern charm.

I’m not going to lie, I am a linens snob, and the bedding here was perfection as were the towels. The king room had a nice large shower, but the king suite next door had both a large shower and a huge bathtub so that might be something to consider if you are a bath person.

And y’all, The Louis Hotel has ceiling fans. This proved to me someone on the design team really understands the way to the heart of a southerner.

Another highlight was the view from the floor to ceiling windows which overlooked the lovely town square of Wilson. These windows had curtains could be opened to let light in during the day but did a great job of blocking out the morning sun when closed.

Everything was quietly tasteful and without pretension.

A nice looking young couple in white robes sitting in a bed with white sheets and bedding. They are each sipping from a red coffee mug and looking straight at the camera. Pin

Snacks and Beverages

You will be asked about your snack and beverage preferences before your arrival.

There is a small beverage and food area just as you exit the elevator. All your named choices will be available for you there as well as water and tea. This is such a nice touch! They even had Cokes in glass bottles for me!

In addition there will be coffee, hot tea, pastries and continental breakfast items available here in the morning as well as delicious freshly baked cookies and other items during the day.

The Louis Hotel Bars, Staple and Cottonwood

There are two bars onsite at the Louis.

The first is located just beyond the lobby. I think that I gasped when I first saw this stunning space. Staple is where we were greeted by a smiling bartender with our welcome drink. I could have stayed here just enjoying the ambiance for hours.

This is a bar that beckons you to linger and converse. There are comfortable deep couches, big leather chairs, and a gorgeous curved bar all contained in a high ceilinged room with paneled walls. It is open to the public but never felt crowded.

A symmetrical photo of a beautiful bar with wooden paneled walls, green leather chairs on each side, a slate dark grey floor, a curved bar at the back right in the center with black bar stools, comfortable grey sofas on each side with matching orange and grey rugs underneath. The bar is tiled with a dark green tile that matches the color of the leather chairs. The name of this bar is Staple and it is located in The Louis Hotel. Pin

The other bar is the Cottonwood. This is a roof top bar off of the second floor which makes it easily accessible by the guests. In fact, some of the guest rooms have glass doors that lead from a private patio onto the rooftop.

Cottonwood is spacious with plenty of room for guests to spread out among the potted shrubs, flowers, and comfortable outdoor seating.

The Cottonwood bar at the Louis Hotel is an outdoor rooftop bar.Pin

Who Would Enjoy Staying at the Louis Hotel

In our opinion anyone who is looking for a unique getaway would love staying at the Louis.

  • Perfect for business travelers from Memphis or Jonesboro.
  • A wonderful choice for a romantic couple’s weekend.
  • Great for a girl’s wine and food getaway.
  • Wonderful for a trip that combines fine accommodations with golf or hunting.
  • Anyone looking for a luxurious escape.

The Cottage Collection and Families

Is The Louis for families?

We stayed at the Louis with our 1 year old baby and everyone was unfailingly kind and accepting of her! On her part, she adored seeing the dogs in the artwork around the hotel.

However, if you prefer an option that might give a family or even a friend group a little more space then check out the Wilson Cottage Collection. These adorable and comfortable homes near the town square have been renovated and furnished to the same exacting standards as The Louis Hotel.

In fact, you will check in at the Louis and your requests and preferences will be given the same attention as those of the hotel guests.

Food and Events and Things to do in Wilson

As part of your stay at The Louis you will absolutely want to take the short walk to the nearby Wilson Cafe to experience some of the best farm to table dining in the state!

Sign for the WIlson Cafe. This is a wonderful small town cafe with farm to table food. The picture is at dusk and you can see the Tudor style building that houses the cafe in the background but it is dark. The focus of the photo is on the sign for the cafe which is in green and white neon. You can tell that the sun is setting as the background is dark and the sign is lit up. Pin

Although Wilson is small there are plenty of things to do in the area. It is an interesting town that is changing rapidly and has big things are planned for the future.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed learning more about the Louis Hotel. We believe that it is a wonderful addition to the Arkansas hotel scene.

The attention to detail in design, service, and amenities all contributed to an unforgettable experience at The Louis Hotel!

Let us know if you stay there.

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