There are many amazing small-town restaurants in Arkansas. However, in my opinion, the best is The Wilson Cafe. It is truly a small-town treasure!

First of all the Cafe has an amazing location! Wilson is one of the most charming little towns in the south and this restaurant is located right on the town square.

Then of course there is the food, the drinks, and the service…The Wilson Cafe is known for farm to table freshness. They serve updated southern classics, the wait staff is impeccable, AND there is an excellent bar and wine list.

The casual charm of the Wilson Cafe will have you dreaming of the food and returning time and time again.

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The Wilson Cafe

Location of The Wilson Cafe:

Address of The WIlson Cafe:

2 N Jefferson St, Wilson, AR 72395

Be sure and check the cafe website in the link above to verify the opening days and hours.

Currently they serve a wonderful brunch on Saturday and Sunday, lunch Monday through Friday and dinner Monday through Saturday.

However, as you know, opening days and hours can be subject to change!

The Wilson Cafe is located in the small, but delightful town of Wilson, Arkansas which is in the in the Mississippi River Delta area. When you visit you will quickly notice that this is in the process of a revival.

Wilson may be small, but it is full of charm, history, and hope for the future.

Directly across the square from the Wilson Cafe you will find the Hampson Archeological Museum State Park. This is a perfect stop for anyone who loves history.

Wilson is also home to one of the newest and best luxury boutique hotels in the state, The Louis Hotel. This is an amazing place that is perfect for a getaway.

The town also will soon have an outpost for adventurers who want to canoe on the Mississippi River.

Not only that but many more exciting things are planned for the future!

Although the town is great, I know that you really want to hear about the food! Let’s talk about the flavors, the warmth, and the irresistible tastes that make the Wilson Cafe an absolute MUST TRY for any food lover!

Food and Drinks

I have eaten at the Wilson Cafe on many occasions and one of the things that always stands out to me is their dedication to farm-to-table cooking.

It’s evident in every dish they present! They have a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, often from their own garden, in the recipes on the menu.

The Arkansas Delta land is rich in agriculture and the chefs at this restaurant make an effort to honor the products from the local farms as well as the culture of the area.

If you are a southerner you will recognize many of the dishes on the menu.

They have items such as fried chicken, shrimp and grits. deviled eggs, and so much more. Although many of the dishes might seem familiar they are tweaked just enough to be a bit to be modern and innovative.

This is southern food with an elevated twist.


Honestly, I find it so difficult to pick only a few dishes to discuss because everything at the Wilson Cafe is stunning. So, I will just hit a few of the highlights.

The charcuterie board is a delight. If you are dining with a group that loves meat and cheese this would be a great item for the table to share.

I recently tried the spicy fried chicken sandwich for lunch and it was an explosion of flavors. It was so good that I am still thinking about it!

You really must try the deviled eggs.

They are an appetizer on the dinner menu and they change slightly depending upon the whim of the chef and the ingredients available. They are guaranteed to be the best deviled eggs you have ever had – but don’t tell your grandma.


The short rib gnocchi is another personal favorite.

Honestly, I’ve never tried anything here that I didn’t enjoy.

The cocktail and wine lists at The Wilson Cafe are particularly impressive. I especially love that the dinner menu gives suggested wine pairings with the entrees.

Not only that the bartenders are truly experts at their craft.

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Ambiance and Service

The cafe is in a Tudor style building which matches the rest of the architecture on the Wilson town square.

Inside the ambiance is nice, but casual. You will find nothing stuffy or pretentious about this restaurant.

You will be warmly greeted in an airy dining room with tables, lots of windows and open shelving behind a long counter.

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Beyond this section of the restaurant is a cozy area the houses the bar.

If you are just popping in for a drink you can choose a chair where you can watch the bartender perform his magic or you can elect to drink and dine in a comfortable booth.


In the rear of the building is another dining area with rustic brick walls and lots of windows that overlook a small alleyway which leads to an outdoor music venue.

Service is always friendly and impeccable.

The servers understand the various dishes and can answer any of your questions. They are also extremely prompt and informative without being obtrusive.

I hope that you will enjoy the Wilson Cafe as much as I do!

Let me know what you think if you decide to visit.


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