The Big Dam Bridge is one of four pedestrian and cycling river bridges in the capitol city of Little Rock. The others are the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, the Junction Bridge, and Two Rivers Bridge.

In my opinion, there is something a little magical about walking on a bridge high above a mighty river.

In Little Rock we are fortunate to have a variety of opportunities to experience that special feeling. I love walking the pedestrian bridges in Little Rock and enjoying the views of the beautiful Arkansas River.

Enjoy the Big Dam Bridge and the other Pedestrian Bridges in Little Rock!

  • All the Little Rock river bridges are open 24 hours 7 days a week unless otherwise noted.
  • Pets are allowed on the bridges but please clean up after them!
  • Many of the pedestrian bridges in Little Rock have wonderful LED lighting in the evenings.
  • Walkers and bicyclists will be sharing the bridges. Be courteous and aware of one another.

Walk or Bike the Little Rock Bridges

The Big Dam Bridge

The Big Dam Bridge spans the Arkansas River and Murray Lock and Dam between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

It is said that the bridge was originally meant to be called the Murray Bridge, but a county judge, concerned about the cost of the bridge, but determined that Little Rock would build it despite the $12.8 million price tag, allegedly said, “we are going to build that big dam bridge…” and the name stuck!

I think the name “Big Dam Bridge” has quite a ring to it myself. t wouldn’t be the same if it were known as Murray Bridge.

The Big Dam Bridge is…well, big. In fact, it is the longest bridge in the United States that was built specifically for pedestrian traffic.

The bridge is 4,226 feet long, rises to about 90 feet above the Arkansas River, and connects to about 15 miles of trails in the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock known as the Arkansas River Trail.

The Big Dam Bridge is a very popular spot for both pedestrians and bikers.

If you visit in the evening you can enjoy both the sunset and the pretty LED light displays.

The Clinton Presidential Park Bridge

The Clinton Presidential Park Bridge is also known as the Rock Island Railroad Bridge. You can access it via a ramp just outside of the Clinton Presidential Library. It crosses the Arkansas River and connects Little Rock to North Little Rock.

The completion of the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge allowed bicyclists to ride the entire Arkansas River Trail Loop without having to deal with stairs or elevators.

This was a former railway bridge that once stopped at the Choctaw Station which is now the home of the Clinton School of Public Service.

You have great views of the Clinton Presidential Library from this bridge. and did you know that the Clinton Library was built to be reminiscent of a bridge? Half of the building seems suspended in mid-air, jutting out towards the Arkansas River.

This bridge also is dramatically lit at night.

The Junction Pedestrian Bridge

The Junction Pedestrian Bridge is a lift span bridge that was also a former railroad bridge. It was originally constructed in 1884.

The end of the bridge actually rests on the original “little rock” for which the city of Little Rock was named. In fact, there were complaints when construction of the bridge began.

An old article in The Gazette said, “take a photograph of the ‘Little Rock’ from which our city derives its name, before it is destroyed by the ruthless hand of civilization.”

The Junction Bridge is located right behind the River Market and although it is part of the Arkansas River Trail few bikers use it because they would either have to take the elevator or the stairs on either end of the bridge. It is mostly used by tourists and locals as a place to stroll.

One thing to note is that the Junction Bridge can actually be rented for private events and even weddings! You can even have the lights on the bridge in the colors of your choice.

Not too far from the North Little Rock end of the Junction Bridge you will find the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum.

Two Rivers Bridge

Two Rivers Bridge is the westernmost of the four pedestrian bridges. It is a wonderful part of the Arkansas River Trail Loop. It is only about 1.5 miles from the Two Rivers Bridge to the Big Dam Bridge and the walking/biking trail runs between them.

Two Rivers Bridge spans the Little Maumelle River into Two Rivers Park. Two Rivers Park happens to be my favorite park in Little Rock.

This park is located at the confluence of the Little Maumelle River and the Arkansas River and along with the bridge there are some wonderful paths for walking and biking.

In my opinion, the view from the top of the bridge toward Pinnacle Mountain is one of the prettiest in Little Rock!

Sunset is a wonderful time to visit. If you face away from Pinnacle Mountain you can see the I430 bridge and the Big Dam Bridge.

Although the Two Rivers Bridge was built specifically to be for bikers and pedestrians it was built in a style similar to that of a railway bridge in order to match the other three.

There are so many wonderful outdoor activities in Little Rock, but a visit to the Big Dam Bridge and the other Little Rock pedestrian bridges is a not to be missed Little Rock activity!

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