The people who follow Somewhere In Arkansas on Instagram are mostly Arkansans. We recently asked this question: What are your favorite weekend getaways FROM Arkansas, not IN Arkansas.

The only criteria was that these had to be places that were within a 5 or 6 hour drive from some place in the state.

This restriction limited our list of weekend getaways from Arkansas to the nearby states of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

The answers poured in and here were the top responses!

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Wonderful Weekend Getaways From Arkansas

We are including an overview of each of these locations in hopes it will give you a starting point to plan your perfect weekend getaway from Arkansas!

Have fun and let us know your favorites!

Memphis, Tennessee

You will probably not be surprised to hear that Memphis, Tennessee was on the list of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas. It happens to be the nearest big city neighbor of the state.

Not only is it close, but Memphis is known for the blues and barbecue. Now, that’s a great combination!

Memphis is steeped in both history and music, a fact which you can’t miss as you explore this city.

Often known as the “Home of the Blues” or as the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Memphis is a vibrant musical hub.

Beale Street, the legendary Sun Studio, and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music are a few of the places where you can delve into the musical past and present of Memphis. Not to mention a visit to the home of Elvis, Graceland.

Memphis also has some of the most important and poignant Civil Rights sites in the US.

Explore the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel to learn about the pivotal role Memphis played in the Civil Rights Movement.

Then, of course, there is the food.

Memphis is a foodie city and that includes and extends way beyond barbecue! You will also want to check out some of the historic neighborhoods in the city or even take a drive down to the nearby small town of Collierville for great dining and shopping.

Sports lovers might want to watch the Memphis Grizzlies play at the FedEx forum!

Memphis offers an exciting blend of history, music, and Southern hospitality that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

How Far is Memphis…
  • From Little Rock: 137 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 319 miles
Places to Stay in Memphis
The side of a brick building with a bright blue sky above. The building is brown painted brick and there is a mural painted on it that says, the legendary sun studio memphis tennessee. Pin

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was named over and over again by our Instagram followers as one of the best places for an Arkansas resident to go for a weekend get away.

And for good reason!

We were so impressed with this city during a recent visit. Oklahoma City, often referred to as OKC, is the capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma.

OKC has it all. It is chock-full of museums, art galleries, parks, and recreational areas. It is also an excellent choice for a family getaway.

Let’s start with the dynamic arts scene! This is highlighted by the impressive Oklahoma City Museum of Art, but we highly suggest that you also check out the super local modern art venue of Factory Obscura with its quirky and interactive installations.

OKC has so many wonderful parks. We especially loved Scissortail park because of its beauty and great activities for children. It has a splash pad, a playground, and paddle boats on the small lake.

Also stop by Lake Hefner for a gorgeous sunset stroll. For even more lovely views you should not miss the gorgeous Myriad Botanical Gardens.

The city also embraces its Western heritage, with attractions like the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and the Stockyard City, where you can even see a live cattle auction!

Bricktown is a hub of entertainment with lively bars, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues.

Speaking of restaurants, you will not be disappointed in the food scene of Oklahoma City. From old fashioned southern cuisine, to barbecue, to upscale dining there are so many excellent choices here.

If you are a sports enthusiast you will already know that OKC is the home of the NBA team the Oklahoma Thunder. You might want to take in a game if you are in town during the season.

Oklahoma City has a perfect mix of cultural, recreational, culinary, and entertainment options which make it an enjoyable weekend getaway for someone from Arkansas.

How Far is Oklahoma City…
  • From Little Rock: 340 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 237 miles
Places to Stay in Oklahoma City
Photo of a man holding a baby at a splash pad. The baby is stretching out its hand to the water and you can see it splashing all over. In the background you can see the city skyline of Oklahoma city. Oklahoma City is one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas. Pin

Laurel, Mississippi

Looking for a friendly, small town getaway? Perhaps a place that feels like a “home town?” Laurel, Mississippi is the home of the HGTV home renovation show Home Town which features Ben and Erin Napier.

If you love the show, then you will love the town.

Laurel, Mississippi is a picture perfect place that showcases southern hospitality and small-town charm. Stroll through the historic downtown area where you’ll find old buildings filled with quaint shops and local eateries.

Check out the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, which has a collection of American and European art that is very impressive for such a small town.

You might want to consider taking a guided tour of some of the show’s famous renovations.

There isn’t a ton to do in Laurel, which makes it a great place to relax. It also has gorgeous city parks, a welcoming atmosphere, great restaurants, and you can feel the strong sense of community. Laurel is a gem of a city!

How Far is Laurel…
  • From Little Rock: 346 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 534 miles
Places to Stay in Laurel
This is a photo of a side of a building with a bright blue sky beyond. One the side of the building is a large, rectangular painted mural. The mural is edged in a brick red color, filled in with a bright blue and has words in brick red and yellow. The words say "The City Beautiful" Visit Laurel on the amtrak crescent line yellow pine capital of the world. Laurel, Mississippi is one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas. Pin

Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri

Kansas City is a dynamic town that offers a unique blend of Midwestern charm and urban excitement.

In this bustling metropolis, you can explore world-class museums, savor mouthwatering barbecue, tap your toes to live jazz music, and much more.

History enthusiasts can step back in time at the National World War I Museum and Memorial, which offers a poignant and informative experience. It is said to be the most comprehensive WWI exhibit in the world.

Art aficionados will enjoy the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art which has an impressive collection of both classic and contemporary works.

If you’re a music lover, the city’s jazz heritage is on full display at the American Jazz Museum, where you can explore the rich history of this iconic American art form.

Everyone loves barbecue and Kansas City has some of the best in the US. Indulge in a finger-licking feast at renowned spots like Joe’s Kansas City BBQ or Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque.

With vibrant neighborhoods, a thriving arts scene, and a warm and friendly atmosphere, Kansas City is a memorable vacation destination with something for everyone. .

How Far is Kansas City…
  • From Little Rock: 426 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 240 miles
Places to Stay in Kansas City
This is a photo of the downtown skyline of Kansas City. The photo is taken from a distance and from a bit above, but not from the air. The grass and trees are green and the sky is bright blue. Pin

Favorite IN-state Getaways

Even though we are talking about our favorite getaways FROM Arkansas we also want to share some of our favorite getaways IN the Natural State!

A visit to the historic town of Hot Springs is always a good idea. We have tons of information about this fascinating city on the blog, but start with this post which happens to be our guide to Hot Springs.

Of course a visit to the capital city of Little Rock is a great way to experience museums and wonderful restaurants.

However, if you are looking for a bit of small town atmosphere check out the town of Eureka Springs or the Ouachita Mountain Town of Mena. The most up and coming area of Arkansas is in the northwest corner of the state, particularly the town of Bentonville.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Wanting more of an outdoor retreat? To be honest, we were originally surprised that Broken Bow came up on our list over and over again as one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas.

However, now that we have visited Broken Bow…we get it!

Broken Bow is in southeastern Oklahoma in the midst of the Ouachita National Forest. It beckons travelers with its natural beauty and a plethora of outdoor activities.

This charming town is a haven for nature enthusiasts and the perfect place for anyone from Arkansas who is seeking a relaxing and outdoorsy getaway.

Experience the tranquility of Broken Bow Lake, where fishing, boating, and water sports are abundant. Or do some hiking or horseback riding at nearby Beavers Bend State Park which has stunning views of the Mountain Fork River.

Broken Bow is also known for its cozy cabins. It provides a secluded and romantic escape for couples or an adventurous getaway for families.

How Far is Broken Bow…
  • From Little Rock: 167 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 181 miles
Places to stay in Broken Bow
A sunset photo of a lake surrounded by low mountains. The photo is from a distance and the sunset is creating pale pinks in the sky. There is a rainbow on the right hand side of the photo. The location is Broken Bow, Oklahoma which happens to be one of the best places to go for a weekend getaway from Arkansas. Pin

Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri has always been one of the favorite weekend getaways from Arkansas. It is a remarkable vacation destination in the heart of the gorgeous Ozark Mountains.

Often referred to as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” Branson offers a dazzling array of live music shows, theaters, and entertainment venues that cater to every taste, from country and rock ‘n’ roll to comedy and magic.

Beyond its vibrant entertainment scene, Branson boasts stunning outdoor attractions, including Table Rock Lake and the hills and forests of the Ozark Mountains. There are endless opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and relaxation.

Branson also has intriguing museums like the Titanic Museum and the Veterans Memorial Museum. Families will discover a wealth of attractions. The Silver Dollar City amusement park is a must visit and you will find interactive fun at the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex.

With its warm hospitality, welcoming atmosphere, and a wide range of dining options, Branson is a superb choice for Arkansans seeking entertainment, natural beauty, and family-friendly adventures.

How far is Branson…
  • From Little Rock: 174 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 93 miles
Places to stay in Branson
This is a photo of a small chapel with a large steeple that is on a mountaintop. The chapel is in Branson, Missouri. The entire chapel is in the fram of the photo and it appears to be dusk so the colors are very muted. Pin

Dallas, Texas

If you are an Arkansan looking for a big city escape then you will probably want to go to Dallas! Dallas is by far the largest city within a short drive of Arkansas. In fact, Dallas is the 4th largest city in the US.

Dallas, Texas has a rough and tumble history combined with todays urban sophistication. There’s no shortage of exciting things to do here!

Many Arkansans head to Dallas for its excellent shopping.

Shopping is basically a sport in Dallas and there are numerous malls, markets, boutiques, and stores that don’t exist in our home state. A few of these are the iconic Neiman Marcus flagship store. Also, you will find Stanley Korshak which happens to be the largest independent department store in the nation.

Some of the well-known shopping areas are the Dallas Galleria, the Northpark Center, and Bishop Arts District.

History buffs can explore the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which delves into the events surrounding the JFK assassination. Or the Dallas Heritage Village which is home to the largest and finest collection of 19th century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in Texas.

Art lovers will find their paradise at the Dallas Museum of Art, housing an impressive collection spanning centuries and cultures.

Then, of course, there are the sports. You can watch the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, who are owned by Arkansas native Jerry Jones. You can also catch the Dallas Mavericks in action at the American Airlines Center.

The culinary scene in Dallas is super diverse. Choose from mouthwatering and casual Tex-Mex restaurants to super high-end white tablecloth steakhouses.

So, whether you’re in to shopping, history, art, sports, or food Dallas offers big city delights just a short distance away from most of Arkansas.

how far is Dallas…
  • From Little Rock: 319 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 335 miles
Places to stay in Dallas
A photo of the upper part of the Dallas skyline against a bright blue sky. Pin

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is a destination that is currently attracting travelers from all over the world – including lots of bachelor and bachelorette parties!

It is famous for its musical heritage and is often called, “Music City.” To experience the music of Nashville you will want to take a stroll down Broadway, where live music pours out of honky-tonks day and night. You can also visit the historic Ryman Auditorium, often known as the Mother Church of Country Music or the famous Grand Ole Opry. Also check out the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Beyond its musical charm, Nashville boasts a thriving food scene, from mouthwatering hot chicken at places like Hattie B’s to Southern barbecue delights.

The city’s lively culture is reflected in its neighborhoods like East Nashville and The Gulch, where you can explore boutiques, art galleries, and vibrant street art.

If you’re traveling with family, attractions like the Nashville Zoo and the Adventure Science Center provide engaging experiences for all ages.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Nashville provides opportunities for hiking and exploring scenic areas like Radnor Lake State Park and Percy Warner Park.

With its friendly Southern hospitality, food, and music, Nashville is a city that captivates the heart and soul.

How Far is Nashville…
  • From Little Rock: 348 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 529 miles
places to stay in nashville
A closeup of three sandwiches in a row. They appear to be hot chicken sandwiches like the ones in Nashville. There is coleslaw peeking out on the bottom bun underneath the chicken and pickles with an orange colored sauce on the top of the chicken then a bun on top. They look delicious. Nashville is one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas. Pin

St. Louis, Missouri

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis beckons travelers with its rich heritage, iconic landmarks, and a diverse array of activities.

You will definitely want to visit and, if you aren’t claustrophobic, ride to the top of the iconic Gateway Arch. Did you know that the arch is a symbol of the westward expansion during the 19th century?

Some other interesting St. Louis museums are the St. Louis Art Museum and the Missouri History Museum.

If you’re traveling with family, St. Louis offers many family-friendly attractions such as the Saint Louis Science Center and the Magic House Children’s Museum. The St. Louis Zoo is especially amazing. It is one of the top zoos in the country and is actually free to enter.

As most baseball loving Arkansans know, St. Louis is home to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. It is also home of St. Louis Blues hockey team. Catching a game at Busch Stadium or the Enterprise Center can be an exciting addition to your trip.

St. Louis also has an interesting food scene with a wide range of dining options. St. Louis-style pizza is very unique with its thin crust and gooey cheese. Don’t miss out on fried ravioli which is another St. Louis favorite.

If you appreciate the outdoors, you can visit Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the United States, offering walking trails, a golf course, and more. The Mississippi Riverfront also provides opportunities for scenic walks.

It offers one of the most engaging and enjoyable weekend getaways from Arkansas.

how far is St. Louis…
  • From Little Rock: 349 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 365 miles
places to stay in St. Louis
The St. Louis Arch from across the Mississippi River with the city in the background. Pin

Huntsville, Alabama

Interested in space technology, natural beauty, and an up and coming southern city? The growing and hip city of Huntsville, Alabama might be the place for you.

Huntsville is known as “Rocket City” for its pivotal role in the U.S. space program. No visit here is complete without exploring the fascinating U.S. Space & Rocket Center where you can see rockets, space artifacts, and even try out interactive exhibits. This is a unique and educational experience for space enthusiasts of all ages.

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is a beautiful attraction that offers a serene escape from city life. You can stroll through various themed gardens, including a butterfly house, Japanese garden, and aquatic garden.

Huntsville has a rich history, and you can explore it by visiting the Historic Huntsville Depot, which is the oldest surviving railroad depot in Alabama. Take a walk through the Twickenham Historic District which has a plethora of historic homes and architecture.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Huntsville offers opportunities for hiking and exploring nature. Monte Sano State Park, located just outside the city, has hiking trails, picnicking areas, and scenic overlooks.

As is the case with many growing towns, you will find a booming craft beer scene in Huntsville. You might want to visit one of the local breweries where you can sample interesting brews and enjoy a relaxing evening.

To go along with that beer the culinary scene in Huntsville might surprise you. There are a variety of restaurants to suit a variety of tastes such as Southern comfort food, barbecue, or international cuisines.

You should definitely consider a weekend getaway to Huntsville, especially if you have an interest in space exploration.

How far is huntsville…
  • From Little Rock: 351 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 533 miles
places to stay in huntsville
A rocket behind a building. The sign on the building says the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. The photo is taken from a lower angle and you can see the bright blue sky behind the black and white rocket. This is located at the space center in Huntsville, Alabama which is one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas. Pin

Tupelo, Mississippi

Any fan of Elvis is going to love a visit to Tupelo, Mississippi. This is a great city with a unique blend of history, music, and Southern hospitality.

Of course, Tupelo is best known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Visitors can explore the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum, which offers a glimpse into the life of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. For Elvis fans, this is a pilgrimage site not to be missed.

You will also want to stop by the Tupelo Hardware Company (which is still an operating hardware store) where Elvis got his very first guitar.

Beyond Elvis, Tupelo is a charming city that is a major stop on the Natchez Trace Parkway. It has a vibrant downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, and attractions, and is near the stunning Tombigbee State Park.

While in Tupelo you might want to explore the Oren Dunn City Museum. You can get up close and personal with exotic animals at the Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo.

We were so impressed with the quality of the restaurants when we visited Tupelo. Although there is some delicious southern cuisine you may be surprised at how excellent and innovative the restaurants are for such a small town. You will definitely want to take time to experience the cuisine in Tupelo.

Tupelo offers a warm welcome, unique attractions, and a relaxed atmosphere which makes it one of the best weekend getaways from Arkansas.

how far is tupelo…
  • From Little Rock: 243 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 425 miles
places to stay in Tupelo
A statue of a young Elvis singing into a microphone and reaching a hand out seemingly to a screaming audience. The statue is located in the town of Tupelo, Mississippi. Pin

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Although it is last on this list, Tulsa is certainly NOT least. We lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for about a year and it is one of my favorite cities.

Tulsa has the perfect combination of city amenities, outdoor activities, and friendly people. Tulsa is often known as the “Oil Capital of the World” and, like Little Rock, is situated along the Arkansas River. It is one of the ideals getaways from Arkansas.

There are some world-class museums in Tulsa. The Philbrook Museum of Art with its expansive formal gardens is not to be missed. , The Gilcrease Museum houses a collection of the art, culture and history of North America. Then there is the Woody Guthrie Center with an emphasis on music. Between the three the visitor can do a deep dive into art, history, and American music.

We believe that it is also important to learn about the difficult parts of history. Recently the “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa has been in the news. You can learn more about this time period and the events that happened here at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

The city is renowned for its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. The Gathering Place is a stunning riverfront park, offers a wide range of activities, from playgrounds to kayaking, to biking, and more. This is a fun and relaxing place for all ages. However, you will find parks dotted all over town.

You will also want to explore the districts of Cherry Street and the Tulsa Arts District, where you’ll find boutiques, galleries, unique shops, and delicious restaurants.

With its diverse range of attractions, Tulsa is a fantastic choice for a weekend getaway from Arkansas.

how far is Tulsa…
  • From Little Rock: 274 miles
  • From Fayetteville: 113 miles
places to stay in tulsa
skyline of Tulsa, Oklahoma across the Arkansas River. Pin

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of great weekend getaways from Arkansas! Let us know you favorite places that we might have missed!

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