We visited several restaurants on a recent trip to Bentonville and Crepes Paulette was one of our favorites!

This is a very casual, come as you are, restaurant that combines French-inspired food with a good dose of southern hospitality. This is a wonderful place to go for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even an afternoon snack!

The location is perfect for both locals and visitors to the charming town of Bentonville, Arkansas, as it is located just off the adorable main square and is near Crystal Bridges Museum.

Crepes Paulette: The Ambiance

One of the best words to describe the ambiance of Crepes Paulette is welcoming. The restaurant is very casual, and very simple, yet exudes warmth. There is a fun mural on the outside of the building along with plenty of outdoor seating for those beautiful Ozark Mountain mornings.

Don’t worry, there is indoor seating as well just in case the weather isn’t as pretty as it was the day we visited!

This is a photo of a building that is a restaurant. It is painted grey with a mural on the outside and says Crepes Paulette. There is a lot of outdoor dining with people sitting in the sun.Pin

As you walk to the counter to order your crepes you can take a minute to watch them being made through a large window. This is especially interesting for children. There were a few in the restaurant the day that we visited who were entranced.

Truthfully, so were we!

It is fun watching the crepes be spread thin on the griddle and then topped with all kinds of deliciousness.

A view of a crepe being made at Crepes Paulette in Bentonville.Pin

The staff is also friendly and informative, gladly answering any questions we had about the crepes.

But of course, great ambiance and friendly employees mean nothing if the food isn’t up to par.

So…let’s talk about the crêpes!

About the Food at Crepes Paulette

The menu at Crêpes Paulette offers a wide variety of both savory and sweet options. We tried some of both!

All of the ingredients are very fresh and each crepe was nicely presented and delicious. We tried four different crepes, 2 savory and 2 sweet. We had La Classic which is typically a cheese, egg, and ham crepe. We decided to also add spinach to that.

Then we also tried La Thai because a local had informed us that this was their personal favorite. Great recommendation!

We had La Elvis which is listed on the menu as a sweet savory combination crepe. As a southerner I do love that sweet/salty-savory combination. Cokes and peanuts anyone?

Last of all we selected La Strawberry Cheesecake which was definitely all sweet.

Oh my word. Everything was delicious and we ate every bite.

If I am absolutely forced to say which was best I might have to give the slightest edge to La Elvis which as you might imagine from the name is an amazing peanut butter and banana combination with the addition of salted caramel and bacon bits.

Does it sound good? I assure you that it was!

Honestly every crepe we had was good. When I go back I intend to try La Foster which is a riff on bananas foster or maybe even just have a plain ol’ Nutella and banana crepe.

If you need to eat gluten free you will notice that the wrapping for the savory options is a buckwheat, gluten-free crepe! The buckwheat crepe (which I believe in France is called a galette) can also be used to replace the wheat version which is typically used on the sweet options.

The prices at Crêpes Paulette range from about $6 to $8 per crepe.

So how did a French inspired restaurant happen to be in Bentonville?

Well, it was started as a food truck on the square back in 2010 by a Bentonville native and her French husband. There you go. That’s how you get the wonderful melding of authenticity and southern charm that you will find at Crepes Paulette.

In our opinion, Crêpes Paulette in Bentonville, Arkansas is a must try restaurant in the Bentonville area.

A young woman dressed in pink with her baby in front of a grey wall with a painted mural outside of Crepes Paulette in Bentonville, Arkansas. Pin

Let us know what you think when you visit.

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