We recently stayed at In The Trees Resort.

These are new (as of August 2023) luxury treehouse accommodations. They are located only about 10 minutes from the downtown area of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

So, what did we think?

We loved this stay and think that these gorgeous cabins at In The Trees Hot Springs are that going to be a big hit with visitors to the Hot Springs area.

This is not glamping, y’all. When they say “luxury” treehouse they mean it. No amenity has been forgotten.

There is a modern looking house with grey wooden siding and a yellow door. A young woman is standing on the steps that lead to the front porch. She is wearing a denim dress and white tennis shoes. The porch has a modern metal railing. There are large windows on the house and a huge rock to the right of the porch. The name of the place is In The Trees Resort Hot Springs, Arkansas.Pin

In The Trees Luxury Treehouse Resort


In the Trees Resort is located only about 10 minutes from downtown Hot Springs. However, you will feel as if you are a world away. The cabins are set in the midst of 500 acres of gorgeous Ouachita Mountain Wilderness with stunning views all around.

It is not at all hard to get there, but do be aware that you will turn off the paved winding road onto what is basically the driveway for the resort.

This happens to be a dirt and gravel road and is pretty steep. However, our car which does not have 4-wheel drive made it up the hill with no problems. The road levels off quickly at the top.

NOTE: When we first put the address into our GPS the resort came up as being located in Pencil Bluff. This is NOT correct. Make sure that the address has Hot Springs as the location.

NOTE: My GPS tried to tell me that I would have to walk from the road to the address. Obviously this is also NOT correct. You will be able to drive right to the door of your treehouse.

I’m sure that I will be able to remove the two notes above as the GPS systems become more aware of the existence of the cabins and learn that there is now a road that leads to them.

For More Information about Hot Springs…

Check out our complete guide to the city of Hot Springs

A nice looking brown leather chair with metal legs sitting on a wooden floor. There is a pillow on the chair in shades of peach and orange and blue. You can see a large window with forest views behind the chair. The chair is in a treehouse and is part of In The Trees ResortPin

Why is this called a Resort?

In The Trees is called a resort because there are several cabins on the mountaintop and even more are being built.

Even though you aren’t alone on the mountain top the cabins are not close together and they are arranged in such a way that each one feels very private. I actually loved this aspect of the property. You have neighbors but not too close!

Even the back decks are designed to be very private with walls blocking potential views of the other properties.

Are they Actually Treehouses?

Well, you will certainly feel as if you are in the treehouse!

Most of these units, including the one where we stayed, are actually modern and stylish cabins that sit on the edge of a slope. You walk in on flat ground from the front of the house but the back of the house is above the ground on pillars.

The view from the windows looking out onto the surrounding forest is simply breathtaking. You really do feel as if you are living up among the trees.

Honestly, I could have stayed there all day enjoying the sight of the branches blowing in the summer breeze.

Huge floor to ceiling windows in a cabin. You are looking from the inside out. Outside the windows are some chairs and a metal railing. The sky is blue and there are lots of trees. The perspective is from lower and you are looking upward a little. In the Trees Resort. Pin

Interior and Amenities of In The Trees Resort Hot Springs

There is a lovely living/dining/kitchen area with floor to ceiling windows that is absolutely gorgeous! All of the furnishings are very nice and the decor is minimal, modern, and luxurious.

The kitchen is stocked with the dishes that you might need and is fully functional with an excellent coffee maker as well as a refrigerator, stove, microwave, oven, and even some cookware.

black kitchen cabinets with white subway tile backsplash and floating shelves that are made of wood in a natural color. You can see some coffee mugs, black plates and bowls and some cups on the wooden shelves. Refrigerator to the far right and a small oven and cooktop. It is a very small but new and modern looking kitchen. Pin

On the same floor there is a separate master suite with a very nice bathroom. The bathroom had two sinks and a huge tiled shower. The bathroom floors are even heated! How great is that?!

And I have to talk about the bedding.


The mattress was like sleeping on a cloud and the bedding itself was SO comfortable.

The master bedroom has large windows that are set up high in the lofted wall. It was lovely to wake and be able to watch daylight sparkle through the trees in the morning. However, if you like to sleep in, don’t worry! The provided amenities included sleep masks!

A sleep mask that is white and silky and says in the trees resort is on a black night stand. Pin

From the main living area there are stairs or perhaps you might call it a ladder up to a loft. These steep but are very well built and sturdy with strong handrails.

In the loft there is a bunkbed with oversized twin mattresses. Perfect for children, teens, and even adults.

I do love a place that provides robes and I was not disappointed here! Luxury robes were provided in the master bedroom and there were even robes for children in the loft.

There is also a Smart TV and an electric fireplace in the living area.

Oh, and one more thing that I noticed…it happened to be VERY hot during our stay. However, even with all the huge windows and natural light the treehouse stayed consistently cool and comfortable.

NOTE: Although this is a description of the interior of the cabin where we stayed, I know that most of the others are similar. However, the website does mention that there are a few that don’t have the loft.

Go to In the Trees Resort to learn more!

Outdoor Living at In The Trees Resort Hot Springs

The BEST part of staying at In The Trees Hot Springs is the outdoor living. In the front of the house you will find a nice gravel driveway with plenty of room for parking for you and friends or family members.

It is the back deck that will make you say, “WOW!”

The back deck looks out into the hills and forests of the Ouachita Mountains. Ours had a gorgeous sunrise view and we could even see the Hot Springs Mountain Tower way off in the distance.

View into the distance of a tree covered hill with a small barely able to be seen viewing tower. There are trees in the foreground as well. The entire view is forested. The sky is starting to get pink as if the sun might just be about to set. Pin

Obviously each treehouse will give you a different view, but they are all beautiful.

On the deck there is seating around a gas fire pit on one end and a recessed hot tub on the other.

Although it was blazing summer heat while we were there we couldn’t resist sitting in the hot tub early in the morning to watch the sun rise up over the trees. This would be amazing on a crisp fall or winter day.

Two pottery coffee mugs in the right foreground with a symbol for the In the Trees Resort on them. They are sitting on the edge of a firepit and a fire in the pit can be seen behind the mugs. Pin

For extra entertainment from the local wildlife each cabin is also provided with deer feed!

How Many People Will the Cabin Sleep

The cabins with a loft will actually sleep 6. There is a king sized bed in the master suite. Two oversized twin beds in the loft, and the sofa in the living room pulls out into a bed.

Is this a Good Place for Families?

I think it would be a great place for families with teens, school age kids, and children ages 4 and up.

I still would go if you have crawlers or toddlers but just be aware that you will have to keep a close eye on them around the loft stairs and the hot tub.

That said, we stayed at In The Trees with our 1 year old daughter and had a great time.

What Else is There to do on the Property?

  • There are various hiking trails on the property. You can check out one of the guides to determine which trail is the best for you.
  • Mountain bikers will love the Northwoods Trails which can be accessed straight from the property. Northwoods Trails has over 31 world-class mountain biking trails in a variety of skill levels from beginner to expert.
  • If you want a little assistance in exploring the property and the trails you can even rent e-bikes from the resort.
  • Want the ultimate in luxury? Reserve an in-room massage during your stay at In the Trees Hot Springs.
  • You can also order a charcuterie board or a gourmet s’more’s spread.
  • And of course there are tons of activities in nearby Hot Springs!
Beautiful charcuterie board. There are  many pieces of salami that have been placed together in the shape of a flower in the center of the board. It is surrounded by various cheeses, blueberries, raspberries, nuts, olives, and other kinds of meat. It is very vibrant and colorful. Pin

Do We Recommend In The Trees Resort?

You can probably already tell that we definitely recommend these accommodations.

They provide a great combination of serenity and luxury. I think they are especially perfect for anyone who is seeking a place that is away from it all, but not too far away from it all.

This is a beautiful place to escape, to relax, and to enjoy nature, while still not being too far from restaurants and activities.

Let us know what you think if you visit this resort!

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