Even though it is a small town Eureka Springs, Arkansas has a plethora of delicious restaurants. It is a surprisingly “foodie” little mountain town.

By the way, I am only including Eureka Springs restaurants that we have tried within the last two years. Restaurants change quickly and I don’t want to steer you wrong.

If your favorite is not on the list it might be because we haven’t been there recently. Let us know and we will try to re-visit it.

So, without further ado: Here are a few of our favorite restaurants in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

TIP: Do be aware that parking can be an issue in Eureka Springs especially if you are eating downtown.

TIP: Be aware that some restaurants in Eureka Springs close during the off-season. Some of these are only open on the weekends. Always check the opening days and times. I have provided links to each restaurant’s website or Facebook page.

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Best Restaurants in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave

In our opinion the Grotto Wood Fired Grill and Wine Cave is one of the very best restaurants in Eureka Springs. The warm ambiance and upscale steaks and wood fired food make this a perfect destination for an anniversary or any other special occasion.

The restaurant is partially in a cave or, as they say, grotto. In fact, I would suggest that you try to sit near the grotto.

As you can tell by the name they serve a variety of wood-fired grilled foods. Of course there are steaks and other meat, but there is also grilled aspargus and an amazing grilled ciabatta bread.

The cedar plank salmon is one of my favorite dishes, but everything that we have ever been served here has been delightful.

TIP: I would suggest that you make a reservation especially if you are in town during the busy summer season!

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Local Flavor Cafe

Local Flavor Cafe is a super popular locally owned restaurant with a deck that overlooks the town. The food has always been quite good every time that we have been there.

I will mention that the last time we were there for lunch (just a couple of weeks ago) the service was slow…extremely slow. For now, I am going to assume they were having a bad day, but y’all let me know if this is an ongoing problem.

However, we are going to continue to recommend Local Flavor because the food was so good and fresh and tasty. I particularly enjoy the mahi tacos.

They also have a great brunch and a delicious spicy bloody mary.

Eureka Springs Eats and Treats

We tried Eureka Springs Eats and Treats on our most recent visit to Eureka Springs and loved it.

We were there for lunch and I had the soup of the day and a chicken salad croissant. My husband had the frito chili pie. We were with four other adults so on our table were a variety of items including including pulled pork nachos and a pastrami sandwich.

There were no complaints! Every single one of us enjoyed our meal.

I thought the soup and the chicken salad were delicious. I will definitely be visiting here again the next time we are in Eureka Springs.

TIP: Not only is the food good, but it is not in the crowded main area of town and they have a parking lot!

A young couple with a baby walking up to a restaurant door. They are shown from the back. They are holding hands and the dad is holding a young child. This is one of the restaurants in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The restaurant building is made of wood and painted grey. The door is a double door that is painted a rust red color. Above the porch it says Italian Cuisine. Pin

Ermilios Italian

Ermilio’s is a Eureka Springs fixture. It is a charming restaurant located in an old house in the upper part of the city.

Do be aware that they do not take reservations and there is almost always a wait. However, you can wait upstairs in an area where there is a small outdoor balcony, a room with games, and a bar.

TIP: Be prepared because the upstairs bar is CASH only.

We have been going to Ermilio’s for years and the service has always been excellent. Of course we love the bread with the roasted garlic. You mash up some of the garlic with a little bit of butter and slather it on the bread…wow!

On our most recent visit we tried the mussels as an appetizer and they were outstanding. Pasta lovers can choose from about 8 different pastas and a bunch of sauces to get the exact combination that they want.

I like their Alfredo sauce and my husband is a fan of their “mom’s homemade meatballs in red sauce.”

A photo of a sign that says Ermilios Italian Home Cooking. The sign is one the left side of the photo and there is a greyish blue house on the right side. In front of the sign are hydrangeas that are just starting to bloom. Pin

Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza

The Sky Bar Gourmet Pizza is on the 4th floor of the Crescent Hotel and mostly you are here for the stunning views. If it is a pretty day you will definitely want to be seated outside on the balcony.

The drinks here are excellent and we also enjoy the pizza. The one that I recommend is the Barbecue chicken pizza. The dough is on the thicker side with puffy, pillowy edges.

I also think that calzone if very good!

TIP: Do be aware that the pizza is definitely on the more expensive side and that the 18% gratuity is automatically included in the price.

A photo of a large fountain outside of a hotel. This is one of those fountain where the water barely drips our. There are glowers and vines growing in and around it. Sitting on top is a large metal sculpture that is simply a crescent shape. The sculpture is shades of grey and bronze. It almost seems to float above the fountain. This sculpture is located right at the entrance to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Pin

Le Stick Nouveau

In my opinion, Le Stick Nouveau is the PERFECT special occasion restaurant in Eureka Springs. It has even been ranked by Forbes as one of the best date night restaurants in the US!

Le Stick Nouveau is more than a restaurant. It is an immersive experience. You will be served a multi-course menu and there is only one sitting. This is fine dining at its best. We felt that every course was extremely well thought out and prepared to perfection

Everything is top notch at this restaurant. The taste, the service, the ambiance, and the presentation of the food. Just amazing.

I’ll be honest, I have only been here once…but it was such a culinary experience that I still dream about returning.

Nibbles Eatery

Nibbles Eatery is one of our favorite places in Eureka Springs to go for breakfast or lunch. They serve great coffee and excellent smoothies. Plus, breakfast is an all-day option here.

Of course there are also sandwiches and salads for lunch.

The French toast can’t be beat if you like a sweet breakfast. If you prefer savory the quiche is always excellent.

My favorite sandwiches here are the paninis. I love a Cuban sandwich, but the ham and cheese is also delicious. Honestly, it’s all good!

TIP: This is a very small restaurant with only a few tables so there can be a wait.

Gaskins Cabin Steakhouse

One of the things that I really like about Gaskins Cabin is the ambiance. The structure began as a 2 room cabin that was built in 1864 and was a private home for 120 years! It was added on to and changed over the years but still has a completely organic feeling.

Gaskins is a traditional steakhouse that specializes in prime rib. Of course they also have filet, ribeye, New York strip, and more. There are also some seafood and chicken dishes which I’m sure are good, but I always get a steak.

Our steaks have always been cooked perfectly to our specifications with excellent flavor. Service has always been impeccable as well.

TIP: I highly recommend saving room for the chocolate bread pudding. Melt in your mouth delicious.

Love Greens

Obviously we are not vegan or even vegetarian. However, we are trying to be healthier and eat more plant based meals.

Love Greens is perfect not just for those who eat all plant-based, but also for those of us who are trying to be more healthy in our habits!

I feel like Eureka Springs really needed a place like this.

Everything here is SO fresh and SO good. There are salads and smoothies, bowls and sandwiches. So much to choose from! The Greek Salad is amazing and I have also tried some of their soups which were so tasty.

It is an added bonus that everyone in the store is so helpful and friendly

The Twisted Taco

The Twisted Taco is a food truck that is located in the “beer forest” at the Gotahold Brewery and we aren’t the only ones who love them. They were recently voted the number 1 best taco in Northwest Arkansas!

The tacos here are somewhat unique. They fry their own tortilla chips and the tacos are fried in a cast iron skillet and all the ingredients are fresh and delicious.

Try the cast iron taco with shredded pork and avocado and lime topping. That’s my personal favorite. But try any of the cast iron tacos. They are all perfection.

If you don’t like a crispy taco they also have soft tacos which are excellent as well. The street corn is also the best I’ve ever had and we also thought that the loaded fries. were amazing

Honestly, you can’t go wrong here! It’s all good. And as an added bonus, the owners are so nice and friendly.

TIP: Do be aware that the Brewery and the restaurant are separate entities. So the taco truck opening times and days may vary from the brewery hours.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope that this list of our favorite Eureka Springs restaurants helps you plan you trip to this amazing mountain town!

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