There’s a place in the small town of Des Arc, Arkansas where you are certain to get in the holiday spirit. Christmas at the Warehouse by Paul Guess and Company is simply magical and is a must visit during the holiday season.

This is a wonderland dedicated to the joy and enchantment of Christmas.

Emily and I visited for our very first time on a beautiful October day. Yes, before Halloween and before Thanksgiving.

Don’t be hatin’ y’all.

In our opinion it’s never too early to begin celebrating Christmas!

There is all kinds of red and white Christmas decor. These are various types of balls and are spilling from the top of metal buckets. The balls aren't traditional glass Christmas ornaments. They seem to be made of cloth and have fun patterns on them. Pin

All About Christmas at the Warehouse

The Christmas at the Warehouse Sale just happens to be the largest Christmas Warehouse Sale in the South!

Here is the address and contact information for Christmas at the Warehouse. Be sure and check the calendar on their website for the days that they are open and for special events!

Address: 2411 W Main, Des Arc AR 72040

For more information: Christmas at the Warehouse

It is free to enter and you will be greeted with smiles and the option to take a buggy.

Take the buggy, y’all.

You may not think that you will need it, but I assure you that you will. We started out with one buggy thinking that we could share, ended up with two full buggies and actually needed three!

Take Your Time

Upon entering the Christmas Warehouse, you’ll be transported to a world of twinkling lights, festive decorations, and holiday cheer.

To be honest, for a minute it felt a little overwhelming! This 60,000 square feet of gorgeously decorated trees, ribbons, ornaments, nutcrackers, gingerbread houses and more as far as the eye can see.

Our suggestion is to just browse for a while enjoying all the beautiful things. Take your time and simply immerse yourself in the wonderful sights.

It won’t be long before your creative juices will start to flow and you are able to think clearly about what you need to make you own home a Christmas extravaganza.

So Many Styles and Colors

The Christmas Warehouse boasts an extensive range of holiday decorations and ornaments. From elegant tree baubles to whimsical figurines, there’s something to suit every taste and style.

Whether you’re looking for traditional red ornaments or prefer a modern, minimalist aesthetic, or perhaps a green and white rustic woodsy style…this place has it all. And I do mean ALL.

We really liked the fact that the sections are mostly divided by color. Whites are together as are golds and silvers and blues…But let’s be real. Who doesn’t adore this amazing pink aesthetic?

There is a Christmas tree in the right forground of the photo. The tree is highly decorated and completely covered with ornaments, decor, ribbon and more. The decor on the tree is in varying shades of pink. In the background you can see that you are in a warehouse filled with other Christmas Decor. This is located at Christmas at the Warehouse in the town of Des Arc, Arkansas. Pin

It’s not what I have in my house but I love it! I mean, how Barbie is that.

And I assure you that Emily, who definitely does have pink in her Christmas decor, purchased some new things to match her aesthetic.

New ideas from the trees at Christmas at the Warehouse

One of the highlights of Christmas at the Warehouse is its wide selection of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. If you are looking for creative inspiration this is the place.

Each tree is expertly and uniquely decorated, showcasing the boundless creativity of Paul Guess and his team. These trees are simply gorgeous, providing so much “scope for the imagination.”

More Christmas Magic in Arkansas

Here are some more things to do this winter in Arkansas! You might be interested in our list of the great holiday markets in the state as well as a list of Christmas tree farms!

It’s not just ornaments

It’s not just ornaments and baubles at Christmas at the Warehouse.

They also have a selection of Christmas trees and wreaths and garland. Really this is one stop shopping for all your Christmas decor.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas

The Christmas Warehouse is not just a store; it’s basically an experience.

Be sure and check the calendar on their website because they also offer workshops that you can attend. You can watch demonstrations about wreath-making, tree decorating, and other festive crafts.

But that’s not all! You can also learn to make a variety of edible Christmas treats and gather some ideas for holiday entertaining!

The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to teach and inspire.

There are also appreciation days that you will definitely want to check out if you work in health care or are a teacher or a veteran or a firefighter!

You can also order online

Although I would highly recommend visiting Christmas at the Warehouse in person, I know that this is not possible for everyone. You will be excited to know that they do also offer some online shopping!

Just go here to Guess and Company to check that out.

How did this place come to be in Des Arc?

Mr Guess was raised in the small town of Des Arc and although he spent many of his early adult years all over the country he always felt drawn to come back to his home state and his home town.

He also works with the Des Arc Chamber of Commerce to create opportunities for local businesses and to revitalize the community. They are going to be lighting up the Des Arc courthouse for Christmas!

You will definitely want to go here to read more about his philanthropic activities and his work with both the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association!

Christmas at the Warehouse: A must-visit

Whether you’re a Christmas decor enthusiast, or a casual holiday shopper, or just looking for some fresh ideas, Christmas at the Warehouse has something for everyone.

In our opinion it is worth the drive to Des Arc to pay a visit to this extraordinary destination and experience the never-ending joy of Christmas.

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