So many towns in Arkansas have funny or interesting names. But the town of Romance, Arkansas is unique not for just its name but also for its post office!

Romance is a community in White County in Central Arkansas near the town of Heber Springs with a population of only about 1700 people.

However, due to its name, the tiny post office of this town has become a destination for love letters.

The tiny post office of Romance, Arkansas is known for hand canceling love letters Pin

How did the town of Romance, Arkansas get its name?

First, how did the town of Romance get its name?

There are two possible stories. The first is that many years ago a local school teacher thought that the view from the bluffs near the town were especially romantic. Somehow the name romance stuck.

The bluffs are very pretty. I’ve been there.

The second story is that a nearby shaded and pretty spring would attract wooing couples.

No matter which story is true the naming of Romance, Arkansas ended up being a happy occurrence for the small town.

Street sign with the name  of he town of Romance, Arkansas. Romance is known for not only its quirky name but also the fact that you can mail love letters from the post office in Romance. Pin

You might be interested in learning about some more Arkansas towns with interesting names. Also, the town of Romance is not too far from the wonderful little lakeside city of Heber Springs.

More About the Romance Post Office

You are probably aware of the “love” series of postal stamps released by the United States Post Office.

In 1990 Romance Arkansas became known to the wider public beyond Arkansas because it was selected as the first location in the United States to issue that year’s love stamp.

This post office in Romance, Arkansas along with several other “love” named towns in the US have become popular places for mailing letters. Some of the other romantic town names across the US are; Cupid, Valentine, Love, Romeo, and Heart.

The Romance post office may be tiny, but around Valentine’s Day they sure become busy!

Thousands of people send their letters to this little rural post office to be hand canceled with a romance stamp. They receive letters from all over the US and even the world.

It is the perfect place to mail a letter to your sweetheart.

The Romance Arkansas post office is also popular during wedding season as brides like to mail their wedding invitations from this romantically named town.

How can you mail your love letter from Romance?

TIP: You need to let them know that you want your letter to be hand stamped with the Romance postmark.

If you are a local who wants to drop your letters off in person you will NOT want to drop them in the mailbox outside the post office. Those letters are sent to Little Rock to be stamped.

Tip: Do be aware that the post office has very limited hours so be sure and check those before you drive very far.

Sign on the mailbox at the town of Romance, Arkansas.Pin

If you live farther away you can send your letters in a separate envelope with a note explaining that you want them to be hand stamped to:

Romance Post Office
292 Hwy 31
Romance, AR 72136

Yes, that involves mailing them twice but to many people a hand stamped letter from ROMANCE is worth the extra step involved.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about sending love letters from Romance Arkansas.

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