A perfect way to celebrate spring in Arkansas is to visit Wye Mountain in the month of March when the daffodils bloom! This is your chance to tiptoe or dance or frolic or stroll through a field of daffodils.

You will find 7 acres covered in thousands of blooming daffodils. There are 65 different varieties. It is a gorgeous riot of yellow all fluttering in the spring breezes!

It is an annual tradition in our family to go to Wye Mountain when the daffodils bloom.

The Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival will be held March 2 – March 10 in 2024 9:00am to 5:00pm depending on the weather!

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Annual Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival 2024

The daffodils spread down a gently rolling hillside near the Wye Mountain Church. The church is a sight in and of itself as it is a beautiful stone building.

Every year the church sponsors the daffodil festival so that they can share these yellow harbingers of spring with the community.

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Photo from 2022

This year the Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival will be held March 2 – 10.

Do note that weather can affect the dates – they could possibly be extended if the daffodils bloom late or perhaps days might be canceled due to weather.

You can follow the church facebook page to get the most up-to-date information not just about the weather but about all the happenings of the festival.

This is not a huge event, but on the weekends there will be a few vendors, some crafts people and some food trucks. You may even catch a bit live music and the kids might be able to meet and have a photograph with the Easter bunny.

Weekends, including Sundays, are the busiest and will have the most going on, but you can also see the daffodils during the week.

Girl standing facing the camera in a field of daffodils. The girl is looking down at the ground. She has long brown hair and is wearing a pink shirt and overall. The field is on Wye Mountain in Arkansas. Pin
Photo from 2015

The Daffodil Festival is free event. There is no charge to park or to enter the daffodil field. You will have the opportunity to give a donation if you wish and I am sure that donations of any size would be appreciated. All donations go directly to the small church.

As the festival comes to a close the organizers begin allowing visitors to pick the daffodils for a small price. You can also buy bulbs to take home for planting in your own yard.

Girl in blue jeans and a white shirt walking away from the camera in a field of blooming daffodils. The girl has long brown hair and the sun is shining brightly. The daffodil field is on Wye Mountain in Arkansas.Pin
Photo from 2021

How to Get to Wye Mountain

Wye Mountain is basically a ridge in Perry and Pulaski Counties. The church and daffodil field are located on the ridge near the small town of Bigelow northwest of Little Rock.

To get there from Little Rock you will drive way out west on Highway 10. As you come to the end of Lake Maumelle, you will turn north onto AR-113. The church and field will be about 5 more miles on AR-113 on the left.

Or you can put the address of Wye Mountain Church into your GPS. The address is:

Wye Mountain Methodist Church: 22300 Highway 113, Bigelow, AR 72016

Bring Your Camera!

Wye Mountain 2023!

This is a perfect place to grab some photos of babies or children in their Easter finery. It would also be a beautiful place to take engagement photos or for some family photos.

When you visit you will see lots of photographers, both professional and amateur. Everyone loves to have their picture made in the daffodils. You will see that the photos in the post are ones that we have taken across the years.

Don’t come to Wye Mountain expecting to experience grand vistas. Don’t expect a bunch of hoopla. This is a place of peaceful and joyful beauty. It is both simple and soul-restoring.

I hope that you enjoy the Wye Mountain daffodils and festival!

2 young girls with long brown hair dancing in a field of daffodils. Pin
Photo from Wye Mountain in 2009

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