Are you an Arkansan who has been wondering, “Where can I find nitrogen ice cream near me?” We have the answer! You can find nitrogen ice cream in Arkansas at MarShae’s Sweet Escape!

In fact MarShae’s Sweet Escape is the first nitrogen ice cream company in Arkansas!

We recently had the opportunity to sample a few flavors of this delightful treat and…y’all…you have got to try it. This is some of the most delicious and creamy ice cream you will have ever tasted.

Not only that but watching the creation of nitrogen ice cream is such a fun experience!


All About Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Before I get into the details about MarShae’s Sweet Escape I know that some of you are wondering, “What in the world is nitrogen ice cream and why should I care that there is nitrogen ice cream in Arkansas?”

So, let’s start there!

What is Nitrogen Ice Cream?

I’m not going to go into a deep dive about the science of how all this works, but here is the general idea:

Liquid nitrogen has a very low temperature. Very, very low. Like negative 320 degrees fahrenheit low!

When It is added to an ice cream base mixture it causes the cream to freeze very quickly. This quick freezing process creates very small ice crystals.

So what does this mean for the consumer of this ice cream?

It means that the texture of this ice cream is smoother and creamier than any you have ever tasted. I promise you will notice the difference! I couldn’t believe how good this was.

Not only that but the low temperature of the liquid nitrogen allows the product to be made right in front of you so you know that it is as fresh as it can possibly be.

A close up of a hand holding a cup of ice cream. The ice cream is vanilla and there is a Biscoff cookie stuck in it. There is also caramel and chocolate on the ice cream. The cup says MarShae's Sweet Escape. This is liquid nitrogen ice cream in Arkansas. Pin

Why do we Say That the Creation of Nitrogen Ice Cream is an Event?

It is no exaggeration to say that the creation of nitrogen ice cream is both fun and dramatic!

The liquid nitrogen is added to a base of liquid milk and cream and sugar where it immediately begins to freeze the ice cream mixture. However, it also begins to immediately evaporate. This creates big clouds of vapor that billow and balloon up and out of the mixing bowl.

It is absolutely something that you want to see!

Nitrogen ice cream in Arkansas can only be found at MarShae's. The photo shows a pretty young woman with curly black hair, a big smile and glasses. She has on an apron that says MarShae's and is operating a commercial mixer. Clouds of vapor are billowing out of the mixer. Pin

How Long Does it Take to Make Nitrogen Ice Cream?

The liquid nitrogen is so cold that once you order your ice cream it will be frozen in a matter of seconds to minutes.

As the ice cream begins to freeze any number of other fresh ingredients can be added at just the right moment to make a wide variety of delightful and delicious ice cream flavors.

Cassandra, one of the owners of MarShae’s, has this timing down perfectly!

All About MarShae’s Sweet Escape

Location of MarShae’s Sweet Escape

MarShae’s Sweet Escape is in the town of Bentonville, Arkansas. They are currently located at a concession stand behind the Bentonville Community Center during the spring and soccer seasons.

You may also find them at community events in the North West Arkansas area.

Be sure to follow MarShae’s Sweet Escape on Instagram! They will keep you updated on their hours of operation and when they will be out and about in the community.

Also be watching for MarShae’s ice cream to soon be available on DoorDash!


What Else is Special About MarShae’s Sweet Escape?

In our opinion, MarShae’s Sweet Escape is a very special small business. Besides the fact that they are they are the only company making liquid nitrogen ice cream in Arkansas there is so much more to love about them!

  • First of all are the owners! Mario and Cassandra are the sweetest people and so much fun. You will definitely enjoy meeting them.
  • Then there are the ingredients. Many companies make their ice cream from pre-made commercial mixes. Not at MarShae’s! Their ice cream is all homemade from fresh ingredients. Not only that but all the flavor additions are wonderful things like fruits, nuts, candies, Biscoff cookies, Nutella, and real chocolate.
  • And those flavor combinations! We loved that the flavors at MarShae’s Sweet Escape are travel themed! We tried “The Airplane” which was a delectable mix of vanilla ice cream, caramel, chocolate, and Biscoff cookies. “The Taxi” was another favorite. It was a perfect combination of salted caramel and pretzels. We tried several other flavors such as banana pudding, and blueberry lemon cheesecake. Y’all……..everything was so good!
  • You can even customize your own ice cream creation!

Can You Hire MarShae’s Sweet Escape for Events?

Can you hire MarShae’s Sweet Escape for special events? Absolutely! You can and you should.

I think that nitrogen ice cream would be perfect for a birthday party. Both children and adults would have so much fun seeing the ice cream being made and selecting their favorite flavors. As a bonus everyone gets a bit of a science lesson.

In fact, almost any event that requires a dessert should consider hiring MarShae’s. I can see it being a huge hit at an engagement party, a corporate gathering, or even in place of a groom’s cake at a wedding reception.

The possibilities are endless!

Although Marshae’s is located in Bentonville they will travel for special events.

Where to Contact MarShae’s Sweet Escape for An Event?

The best way to get in touch with MarShae’s to discuss your event is through their website!

The owners of MarShae’s hope to eventually have their own store front. We will update this post when that happens!

Here are Somewhere In Arkansas we love supporting small locally owned businesses. We hope that you do, too. Stop by MarShae’s or hire them for your next event and tell them that Somewhere In Arkansas sent you!


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