Everybody loves spring. Most of us are thrilled when the weather begins to warm, the daffodils bloom, and we start to see a haze of green on the trees. Spring in Arkansas comes quickly and takes your breath away with its beauty.

This is one of my favorite seasons in the state and there are many wonderful things to do in spring in Arkansas!

Great Things to do during Spring in Arkansas.

Chase A Beautiful Mountain Waterfall

Many of the beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas slow to a trickle or stop flowing altogether when the weather becomes dry in late summer.

This means that spring in Arkansas is waterfall season! This is the time when you are most likely to be able to enjoy some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the state.

Here are a few of our favorite waterfall hikes:

  • Cedar Falls in Petit Jean Mountain State Park
  • Triple Falls at Camp Orr
  • Glory Hole Waterfall Trail near the town of Deer
  • Hemmed in Hollow Falls near Compton (easiest to walk in from a Buffalo River Float)
  • Mirror Lake Falls near Blanchard Springs Caverns
  • Eden Falls on the Lost Valley Trail in Boxley Valley
  • Bridal Veil Falls and Cornelius Falls near Heber Springs
  • Falling Water Falls near the town of Ben Hur
Beautiful waterfall with three falls flowing off a rocky mountainside into a blue pool below. Trees and green foliage surround the falls. This is called triple falls and is a gorgeous waterfall near Camp Orr in Arkansas. Spring in Arkansas is the best time to view waterfalls. Pin

Enjoy the Flowers at a Gorgeous Garden

Spring comes quickly to the southern state of Arkansas. The daffodils start blooming in late February and are fully out in early March. They are followed by the tulips and azaleas and so much more.

We have a full list of the gardens in Arkansas to enjoy in the spring!

Wye Mountain

Daffodils cascade down a hillside at Wye Mountain which is just outside of Little Rock. There is also a daffodil festival held here in March of every year.

Girl in white dress with long brown hair running through a field of Daffodils. This is on Wye Mountain in Central Arkansas. Wye mountain is one of the best places to experience spring in Arkansas. Pin

We also have a post about great things to do in winter in Arkansas as well as one about things to do to beat the summer heat and of course a list of fantastic things to do in the fall.

Float the Buffalo National River in Spring in Arkansas

One of the best things to do in spring in Arkansas is to float the *upper* Buffalo River. You see, this section of the Buffalo National River becomes too shallow for kayaking and canoeing when the summer heat and lack of rain sets in.

Obviously, it depends on the amount of rain, however, most years it becomes too low to float on this section of the river by the month of June.

All of the Buffalo River is beautiful but this upper stretch is simply glorious and is a must visit in the spring in Arkansas.

The Buffalo Outdoor Center is one of the best companies to help you plan your float trip on the Buffalo River.

A photo of kayakers floating the beautiful buffalo river in Arkansas. There are bluffs towering above the paddlers and the season is green and lush. Spring in Arkansas is the best time to float the upper Buffalo River. Pin

Adventure in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area

Those that love an outdoor adventure should considering exploring the RIchland Creek Wilderness Area in the springtime. Do note that this is a rugged and remote area located miles from paved roads.

The Richland Creek Wilderness Area consists of almost 12,000 acres in the Boston Mountains. The Boston Mountains are a part of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas. The entire area is extraordinarily scenic.

The most popular way to access the wilderness is through the Richland Creek Campground. The roads are rough to get in here so camping trailers are discouraged.

Those who want to take on the challenge of the Richland Creek Wilderness area in the spring in Arkansas will be richly rewarded with gorgeous clear streams, waterfalls, stunning ravines, wildlife, and so much more.

Go to One of the Amazing Spring Festivals

Spring is a wonderful time for a festival. You feel like you are celebrating the return of warmth and green and long days.

Here is a list of some of the best spring festivals in Arkansas.

March Festivals

April Festivals

May Festivals

Taste the Deliciousness of Strawberry Season

Spring is strawberry season in Arkansas. They begin to ripen in April. You can find them at almost all local farmer’s markets. However, one of our favorite places to get a sweet and delicious Arkansas strawberry is anywhere around the town of Cabot.

There is something about the soil in that area that produces the sweetest and best strawberries. We like Holland Bottoms Farm but there are other strawberry stands in the area.

Another amazing thing that happens during strawberry season is that the Bulldog Cafe in Bald Knob serves the best strawberry shortcake in the world. Yes, I said it, the world. And you can only get it when strawberries are in season.

Flat of strawberries. The photo is a close up and you can see the red Arkansas grown berries. You can read the words on the brown cardboard box that says Holland Bottom FarmPin

Visit the Old Mill in North Little Rock

The Old Mill is beautiful year round but is especially lovely in the spring when the azaleas and other spring flowers begin to bloom.

It is a perfect place to go to relax or to take some gorgeous photos.

This is a photo of The Old Mill in North Little Rock Arkansas. The mill is in the distance across a pond. You can tell that it is spring in Arkansas because the Azaleas are blooming. The sky is blue. The mill glows in the sunlight. Pin

Bring the Children to an Easter Egg Hunt in the State

Easter egg hunts are held in municipalities and churches all over the state of Arkansas.

Here is a list that will help you to find an Easter egg hunt near you.

Watch the Ponies Run at Oaklawn

Horse races at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort start in the winter and continue all the way through May. Oaklawn is a fun place to visit in the town of Hot Springs.

Besides the horse racing Oaklawn has a hotel, a casino, a spa, and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Horses racing with jockeys on their back on a sand race course. They are running hard. The skies are bright blue above them. This is taking place in the spring in Arkansas at Oaklawn race track in the town of Hot Springs. Pin

Attend a baseball game

Razorback baseball fans are the best anywhere! And Baum-Walker stadium in Fayetteville is an amazing place to attend a college baseball game.

There are also a couple of minor league teams in the state. The Arkansas Travelers are based in North Little Rock, Arkansas and play at Dickey-Stephens Park.

The Northwest Arkansas Naturals are based in Springdale, Arkansas and play at Arvest Ballpark.

Tour Moss Mountain Farm, the home of P. Allen Smith

Moss Mountain Farm is the country home of lifestyle, cooking, and horticultural expert, P. Allen Smith. Any time is a good time to visit Moss Mountain Farm, but spring allows you to experience the gardens at their best.

Most of the tours include learning more about the gorgeous gardens and the preferred gardening methods of Mr Smith, as well as getting to view his home, having lunch and even meeting with Mr. Smith.

It is a very fun experience for anyone who enjoys architecture or gardening.

Flowers along a fence line with a blue sky and a lake in the background as well as a lot of green foliage. Pin

Be Amazed by Quirky Quigley’s Castle

Quigley’s Castle is located just south of the mountain town of Eureka Springs. It was the home of Elise and Albert Quigley. Elise had exacting and fascination specifications about the construction of this house. She wanted:

“a home where I felt I was living in the world instead of in a box…”

…and I believe that she got it.

The castle is filled with windows and gardens, there are walls covered in stones, crystals, and fossils. Plus it has beautiful exterior gardens. Mrs Quigley constantly brought nature from the outside in.

Experience a small Arkansas Town

Spring is a great time to visit some of the small Arkansas towns. The flowers are blooming, the weather isn’t too hot yet, and the people are out and about enjoying the warmer weather.

There are so many interesting small towns in Arkansas.

  • The town of Wilson in northeast Arkansas on the Mississippi river is a personal favorite. The buildings are in a tudor style and there is an excellent restaurant, wine tastings, and interesting shops.
  • There is so much to do and see in the fascinating town of Eureka Springs.
  • El Dorado is a complete surprise in the best ways. It is chock full of music and art.
  • Ponca is a perfect spot to base oneself in order to enjoy the Buffalo River.
  • Mountain View is for anyone who enjoys folk music.
  • Heber Springs is the best place to stay to enjoy boating on Greer’s Ferry Lake or fishing on the Little Red River.

Those are just a few of our favorite small towns and spring in Arkansas is one of the best times to experience them.

A view of some tudor style buildings across a green lawn. Pin

Kayak Among the Lilies at Cane Creek State Park

All of the Arkansas State Parks are gorgeous in the spring. You should visit as many of them as possible. We particularly like to visit Cane Creek State Park in the spring.

There is a kayaking trail here and sometime around May lilies begin to bloom. Certain areas of the lake will be covered with lilies that you can kayak through and it is such a fun experience.


Shop at a Lovely Farmer’s Market

One of the things that I look forward to the most in the winter is the reopening of the farmer’s markets in the spring. There are great markets scattered all over the state.

Visit Hot Springs National Park

Honestly anytime is a good time to visit Hot Springs National Park. But spring has the advantage of smaller crowds and cooler weather than summer.

This is such an interesting national park. Although the surrounding Ouachita Mountains are beautiful, this small park is focused mostly on history. You can learn about all the people who came for hundreds of years to partake in the mineral baths that were believed to have healing properties.

In addition you will be right by the town of Hot Springs itself which has interesting shopping, great restaurants, and fascinating history as well.

Touching the water in the Hot Springs National Park on the Arlington Lawn. It is hot!!Pin

I hope that you have enjoyed learning about all the things to do in spring in Arkansas.

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