There’s a world cheese dip championship?

Why yes, yes there certainly is! It is an annual event held in the fall in Little Rock, Arkansas.

NOTE: In 2023 the venue was changed from the one in the photos below. The 10th Annual World Cheese Dip Competition in 2023 was held at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock.

Sadly, we were out of town and not able to attend! I heard that it was lots of fun, but very crowded.

I will keep this post updated with the location and dates of the World Cheese Dip Championship to be held in 2024.

The winners in 2023 chosen by the judges were: Acxiom, Dizzy’s Restaurant, and Mockingbird Bar and Tacos. The people’s choice was Dizzy’s!

Crowds at the Cheese dip festival

Arkansans take their cheese dip seriously, y’all. You can read all about the best cheese dips in Little Rock here. If you are going to be in town you will definitely want to try a few of these!

We proudly proclaim that cheese dip was invented here back in 1935 and that the inventor also owned the first restaurant to ever serve the creamy, melty, spicy goodness. Now MANY restaurants in Little Rock and Central Arkansas serves it.

It isn’t just Mexican restaurants that offer cheese dip…I’m telling you…the stuff is everywhere! We also have a restaurant that claims to have been the first to serve the now-popular white cheese dip.

It was even mentioned in the Wall Street Journal that Arkansas is the king of cheese dip.

Apparently this was confusing to Texans, but, hey, we aren’t talking queso here. It’s definitely not the same thing. 

We also aren’t talking about that Velveeta and Ro-tel concotion. (Although there’s nothing wrong with that!)

We are talking cheese dip. It’s a whole different thing. And you had better believe it has been elevated and refined in Central Arkansas to the point of fine dining. It is not only a staple of the dining scene, it is also an important part of the culture.

Therefore, it just makes sense that the The World Championship Cheese Dip Championship is an annual event right here in Central Arkansas.

In recent years the championship has been held in a parking lot near the Clinton Library. But they moved it in 2023 to the Dickey-Stephens ball park in North Little Rock. It was also held in November rather than October.

Lines at the Cheese Dip Festival in Little Rock

The competition has both professional and amateur divisions. You are given two voting tokens with your admission and can vote however you want.

PRO TIP: Bring along a muffin tin to hold your cups of cheese dip so that you can compare and contrast before you vote.


Bags of tortilla chips are handed out as you enter. You can buy your tickets online ahead of time or at the gate.

The amateurs are often really, really good and our favorite professional cheese dip maker, Dizzy’s Restaurant, won this year!

I highly recommend attending the World Cheese Dip Championship. It is a fun, unique and delicious event!

I do believe that if the rest of the world gave cheese dip a try that they would be as smitten as the Arkansans are.

For another food-centric festival in Little Rock check out the Main Street Food Truck Festival. 


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