Fall in Arkansas is pretty special.

The weather begins to cool, the leaves start to change, football season starts…there’s just nothing better!

Here is a list of some of the best things to do in fall in Arkansas.

We also have lists of magical things to do in winter, sensational things to do in the spring, and ways to beat the summer heat.

Fantastic Things to do in Fall in Arkansas

Check out the Fall Foliage

Of course one of the very best things you can do at this time of year is to get out in nature and experience the fall foliage! From scenic drives, to amazing hikes, to the state parks in Arkansas there are many great places to enjoy the gorgeous colors of fall.

Here is a post that that will tell you what we think are the best places to see fall color in the state.

View of Whitaker Point also known as Hawk's Bill Crag. This is a piece of rock that looks like a hawks bill that stretches out over a valley. Nothing is below the rock but air and fall colorful trees. This is one of the most popular hikes in Arkansas. Fall in Arkansas is a perfect time to visit Hawk's Bill Crag.

Attend a Razorback Football Game

As a lifelong Razorback fan I would say that there is nothing better than calling the hogs while they play any sport. But, there’s something special about football.

We might not win a lot…yet…hope springs eternal in the heart of any true fan. But participating in a tailgate party and attending a game at Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville on a cool crisp day is an experience not to be missed.

People in a football stadium dressed in red with their hands in the air. They are calling the hogs which is a tradition in Arkansas Razorback football. football is one of the best things to do in fall in Arkansas.

Search for the Perfect Pumpkin

We have a list of the best pumpkin patches in Arkansas. Searching for the perfect pumpkin is an amazing fall activity in Arkansas. Many of the pumpkin patches also have hay rides or corn mazes to enjoy while you are there.

pumpkins on the ground in a pumpkin patch. A great thing to do in fall in Arkansas is to find a pumpking at the best pumpkin patch in arkansas

See Elk in Arkansas

Yes! There are elk in Arkansas and fall is the best time to see them! You can spot them in the fields around Boxley Valley in Northwest Arkansas. The best viewing is along either Arkansas Highway 43 or 21. The elk will be most active at dusk and at dawn.

In fall they are especially impressive because the male elk still have their large antlers.

You can get more information about the elk from the Ponca Elk Education Center in the town of Ponca.

An elk walking across a sunny open field. The best time to see elk in Arkansas is in the fall.

Dig for Crystals…or Diamonds!

Digging for diamonds is a quintessential Arkansas activity. In fact, Crater of Diamonds State Park is this is the only place in the US where you can dig for diamonds and keep what you find.

Did you know that you can also dig for quartz crystals?

In the Ouachita Mountains, especially near the town of Mt. Ida, there are several places where you can dig for crystals. The quartz crystal mines here will allow you, usually for a small fee, to dig through the piles left behind by their operations.

And unlike with the diamonds, you will almost always find something.

Check out Ron Coleman Mining or the Wegner Crystal Mines for more information.

close up photo of a group of quartz crystals. Fall in Arkansas is the best time to dig for quartz.

Spend the Night in a Haunted hotel in Eureka Springs

October is “spooky” season. There are some incredible ghost stories in Arkansas, but one of the creepiest is about the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. This is considered to be the most haunted hotel in the US!

Check out our list of other haunted places in Arkansas as well.

Spend time at one of Arkansas State Parks

Honestly, any time is great time to visit one of the 52 state parks, but visiting one of them during fall in Arkansas is extraordinary. Camping with a nice campfire or staying in a cozy cabin with view just can’t be beat at this time of year.

Then there is hiking through the falling leaves, kayaking, fishing, exploring the bluff overhangs. Fall is such a special time of year to check out the Arkansas state parks.

Attend a Fall Festival

There are so many great fall festivals in Arkansas. Here are a some for you to check out.


Shop at a Crafts Fair or Holiday Market

Fall is the best time for crafts fairs in Arkansas. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The War Eagle Crafts Fair held in Rogers, Arkansas in October is one of the premiere crafts events in the area. It has been going on since 1954 and is one that should not be missed. The booths all have handcrafted items that are displayed by their creators.

Try a Delicious Arkansas Apple

Did you know that there was a point in history during which Arkansas was the most prolific producer of apples in the US? Even though that was many decades ago there are still places where you can go to either buy or pick your own apples in the fall in Arkansas.

Apples grow best in the Ozark Mountains so this is where most of these orchards are located.

Fish For a Big Brown Trout in the Fall in Arkansas

You can fish for trout at any time of year but fall is the best time to catch the elusive big brown.

In addition to some lakes there are four rivers that have trout year round in the state. These are the Little Red River, the White River, the Norfork River and the Spring River.

photo of a man standing in a river holding a brown trout. Fishing for brown trout is best in fall in arkansas.

Eat Some of the Best Arkansas Food (including cheese dip!)

Fall is the time of year when you want to hunker down and try some delicious foods.

You may be surprised to learn that cheese dip was created in Arkansas. It is a food that is ubiquitous in Arkansas restaurants. You can attend the World Cheese Dip Championship in Little Rock in October.

In addition to cheese dip there are some other foods that Arkansas is known for that you might want to try such as fried pickles and possum pie.

A closeup photo of a plate of fried pickles with a sauce on a table. The pickles are on a bed of lettuce and look very good. There are red and white checked napkins on the table.

Have a Beer at one of the Many Breweries in the State

Breweries have become very popular in the state of Arkansas. From small towns to big cities they are popping up everywhere. Many of the breweries will have a special fall brew for you to try.

Here is a list of breweries all over the state from the Arkansas Brewers Guild. And we have a list of the brewpubs and breweries in Little Rock.

Close up photo of two flights of beer. The beers range from dark to light. Beer at Diamond Bear. one of the best breweries in Little Rock

Sleep in a Treehouse Among the Fall Foliage

Fall is an amazing time to stay in a treehouse! Check out this list of some of our favorite treehouse accommodations in the state!

Zipline Through the Colorful Trees

There are several places where you can zipline in Arkansas.

One of our favorites is the zipline tour offered by the Buffalo Outdoor Center. Ziplining through the fall foliage in the Ozark Mountains is an amazing experience.

I hope that you enjoyed learning more about all the great things to do in Arkansas in the fall!

Thanks for stopping by.

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