This is a list of apple orchards in Arkansas.

Did you know that Arkansas used to be one of the main producers of apples in the US? A long time ago, in the mid-1800s, Arkansas was a leading apple producer in the country, with much of the production in the Ozark Mountains.

However, other apple producing regions began to thrive and the Arkansas apple orchards were hit with drought and disease. This caused production in the state to go into a steep decline .

These days almost all of the apples harvested in Arkansas are sold locally.


Varieties of Apples Grown in Arkansas

Today, Arkansas farmers grow several varieties of apples.

Although it now comprises less than 5% of the apple production in the state the old-timey Arkansas Black Apple is still one of the most well known.

It was a mainstay during the heyday of apple production in the state. This is a dark red apple with a rich, tangy flavor that is well-suited to baking and cider-making.

The trend today is to grow some of the modern varieties such as Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Gala.

When is Apple Season in Arkansas?

Some varieties of apples begin to ripen in Arkansas in late August, but mostly this is a fall crop with cooler air bringing that familiar red tinge to the apples in late September through October.

Always check to see what is ripe before you go to an apple orchard.

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Apple Orchards in Arkansas

We also have a list of the various peach orchards in Arkansas. You may notice that there are more peach orchards. It is true that many of the local orchards have begun to focus more on peaches than apples in the last years.

The peach orchards tend to be mostly in the Arkansas River Valley while the apple orchards are predominantly in the northwest portion of the state.

Only a couple of the orchards on this list allow you to pick your own apples, but several have a market where you can buy their apples. Some also have fun activities during the fall season.

NOTE: Always check the orchard’s facebook page or website before you go for opening times and hours. Hours can be weather dependent. They will also let you know how the fruit is ripening.

We hope that you enjoy trying some wonderful apples at these apple orchards in Arkansas!

Vanzant Fruit Farms (Lowell, Arkansas)

Vanzant Fruit Farm is a family owned farm located in the town of Lowell. They have a farm store produce and fruit that also a variety of jams and jellies and honey.

It has been open since 1949 and they grow 17 different varieties of apples.

Drewry Farm and Orchards (Dover, Arkansas)

Drewry Farm and Orchards is located in the town of Dover. This is a family farm that grows a variety of produce including apples.

They even offer a “front porch breakfast” during the spring, summer, and fall which we highly recommend!

Cadron Crest Orchard (Greenbrier, Arkansas)

Cadron Crest Orchard has U-pick apples. Varieties include Mutsu, Gala, Arkansas Black, Granny Smith, and even more. Be sure and check the Facebook page for opening times.

Roberson Orchards and Farmer’s Market (Omaha, Arkansas)

Roberson Orchards and Farmer’s Market is a large indoor roadside market. In addition to fruits they also have vegetables as well as a selection of jams, jellies, honey, sorghum, dried fruits, nuts and candies.

Appel Farms (Springdale, Arkansas)

This is a veteran owned farm and farm store that sells a variety of fruit and produce as well as free range chicken eggs. They often have Jonagold apples as well as Jonathan apples. They sometimes have a variety of caramel apples!

  • Location: 5909 Elm Springs Rd Springdale, AR 72762
  • For More Information: On Facebook: Appel Farms

Barnhill Orchards (Lonoke, Arkansas

Barnhill Orchards is a family-owned farm that grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables including red delicious and golden delicious apples. They also have homemade pies and other treats.

Rivercrest Orchard (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

In addition to a huge fall festival Rivercrest also has a beautiful pick your own apple orchard.

Ames Orchard and Nursery (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Ames Orchard doesn’t have an onsite farm market but they can be found at various farmer’s markets in Northwest Arkansas, often at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market. They specialize in propagating apple varieties that are resistant to the major diseases present in the Ozarks.

We hope that you enjoy taste testing apples at these Apple Orchards in Arkansas. We would appreciate it if you let us know of any orchards that we might have missed!

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