There are several peach orchards in Arkansas to choose from. Peaches are grown all throughout the state with the highest concentration of orchards in Central Arkansas and in the Arkansas River Valley.

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Arkansas Peaches

Many of the peach orchards in Arkansas are small, less than 20 acres, and family owned.

Also, like strawberries, most of the peaches grown in Arkansas are sold locally.

In fact, in my opinion, a perfectly ripe Arkansas peach is one of the best foods in the world. They taste like summer to me!

If you want a sweet and delicious Arkansas peach you will typically need to go straight to the orchard or find them at your local farmer’s market.

Some orchards offer pick your own peaches and some are pre-picked only. Many have both options!

When is Peach Season in Arkansas?

Many different varieties of peaches in grow in Arkansas which means that you will often find peaches ripening from June all the way through September.

Of course, like with any crops, this depends on the weather.

Some of the peach varieties grown in Arkansas are the Elberta, the Belle of Georgia, The Red Haven, and the Cresthaven…but there are many, many more!

I prefer the freestone peaches myself just because they are so much easier to cut and eat…but they are all good!

When Will the Peach Orchards Open

Most of these Arkansas orchards post opening dates and times on their websites or Facebook pages.

It is very important to check before you go! Even during the peach season the orchards may close for a number of days in order to allow more peaches to ripen. They may even close early if they get “picked out.”

In other words: Always check before you go to verify opening days and hours.

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Peach Orchards in Arkansas

If you want the best Arkansas peaches here is a list of orchards that you can visit!

Peach Pickin’ Paradise

Peach Pickin’ Paradise is one of the premiere peach orchards in Arkansas.

It is located in the town of Lamar near Clarksville. Depending on the variety of peaches that are ripe and the time of year they may offer pick your own or pre-picked or a combination of the two.

They also grow delicious nectarines.

Address: 1901 McGuire Rd Lamar, AR 72846

Drewry Farm and Orchards

Drewry Farm and Orchards is located in Dover and is one of the friendliest places in the state! In addition to peaches (both you-pick and we-pick) they have a farm market where they sell only what they grow.

Even though they are not a restaurant they have an amazing “Front Porch Breakfast” on Saturday mornings from 7- noon from May through Nov.

Address: 267 Vaughn Circle, Dover, Arkansas 72837

Vanzant Fruit Farms

Vanzant Fruit Farm is located in the town or Lowell, near Bentonville, Arkansas. They have 23 different varieties of peaches! This Arkansas Peach orchard started in 1949 so you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

You can stop by Vanzant’s Market to purchase your peaches. They also have other produce and fresh vegetables as well as jams, jellies, and other goods.

Here is their facebook page so that you can see what is in season!

Address: 3705 E Hwy 264 Lowell, AR 72745

Phone: (479) 756-3152

Suzanne’s Fruit Farm

Suzanne’s Fruit Farm is located in the town of Hampton, Arkansas. They sell “you-pick or we-pick” peaches.

Do be aware that they do not keep the Suzanne’s fruit farm facebook page updated. Instead, they ask that you check the Sylvia S Reddin facebook page for updates.

You can also call 870-798-4975 to get a pre-recorded message that will give you updates and more information.

Address: 77 Peach Ct, Hampton, AR 71744

Phone: 870-798-4975

Woody’s Peach Orchard

Woody’s Peach Orchard is located about 5 miles south of the town of Hampton.

You pick your own peaches here. Hours change depending on availability so definitely check before you go. You can also call at (870) 798-2331 to make sure that they aren’t picked out if you are driving from a long distance.

Address: 4505 S US 167 Hwy Calhoun, AR 71744

Phone: (870) 798-2331

Taylor’s Orchard

Taylor’s Orchard is located in the Northwest Arkansas town of Gentry. Sometimes they offer pick your own peaches but it varies depending on the number of peaches that are ripe so be sure and check before you go.

Taylor’s also has thornless blackberries that you might want to try

Address: 12801 Taylor Orchard Rd Gentry, AR 72734

Barnhill Orchards

Barnhill Orchards is located in Lonoke. You can stop by their market and pick up some of their delicious peaches. They don’t have pick your own. They are also known for having amazing strawberries as well as lots of other fruits and vegetables.

You might even find a delicious peach cream pie!

Barnhill Orchards also comes to the Hillcrest Farmer’s market on Saturday and the Bernice Gardens farmer’s market on Sundays to sell their peaches and other produce. Both of these markets are in Little Rock.

Address: 1 Sandhill Rd Lonoke, AR 72086

Poppa Jac’s Peaches

Poppa Jac’s Peaches is located in the town of Searcy. They offer both pick your own and pre-picked peaches but they do ask that you check before you come to make sure that the orchards are open.

Address: 276 Pratt Rd Searcy, AR 72143

Phone: (501) 593-0122

Hudson Orchard

The Hudson Orchard is located in Greenbrier in Central Arkansas. They have delicious “Pick Your Own” peaches in a pretty field.

Address: 190 Cotton Hill Rd Greenbrier, AR 72058

Roberson Orchards and Farm Market

Roberson Orchards is a family owned farm growing peaches and vegetables since 1979. They are located in Omaha, Arkansas.

You can visit their market to get delicious peaches, other fresh local produce, dried fruit & nuts, jams, jellies, honey and much more.

Address: 11681 Highway 14 E, Omaha, AR

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Arkansas strawberries are also amazing and ripen before the peaches. You can check out this post about the strawberries in Arkansas and where to get them.

If you are looking for some great activities in the fall you might want to visit one of Arkansas’ pumpkin patches or even go to an apple orchard.

Hope you find this list of peach orchards in Arkansas helpful. Enjoy your fresh and delicious Arkansas peaches!

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