Hot Springs, Arkansas used to be a hot bed of illegal alcohol, moonshine, and speakeasies during the time of prohibition. Fortunately, you won’t have to sneak around to have a drink today!

Here is a list of some of the best places to have a drink in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Best Places to Have a Drink in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Crystal Ridge Distillery: Legal Moonshine

The Crystal Ridge Distillery is such a fun and unique place! It is located on the site of the historic F.C. Stearns Warehouse which has been completely and beautifully renovated. You will love the feel of this spacious and expansive space.

The forests and hidden hollows around Hot Springs were once a hot bed of illegal moonshine making and distribution. Today, Crystal Ridge Distillery is tapping into those roots, legally of course, using modern distilling methods to create smooth and flavorful moonshine.

You can stop in and participate in a moonshine tasting. Or perhaps, you simply want to have a glass of something delicious while you relax in a comfortable chairs, or play games, or visit with a friend.

Lobby of the Arlington Hotel: Southern Elegance

Want to feel a little fancy?

The Arlington Hotel is the most noticeable and imposing structure in Hot Springs. Stepping in to the hotel lobby is like stepping back in time.

This is an old and grand hotel lobby and the bar is one of the most popular places in Hot Springs, Arkansas to have a drink. Perhaps that is because The Arlington lobby Bar exudes the perfect mix of history, sophistication and warm southern charm.

Sometimes there is even live music and dancing in the Arlington Hotel Lobby Bar. Just step in, breathe in the atmosphere, order your favorite cocktail, and say cheers to a classy night out!

A view of the Arlington hotel in the distance from a high vantage point. You can see the imposing beige building topped with a red tile roof and its noticeable twin towers. It is surrounded by hills covered in deep green trees and the sky is a bright blue. The Arlington hotel lobby is one of the best places to have a drink in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Pin

We also have a post with everything you need to know about Hot Springs if you want to learn more!

Superior Bathhouse Brewery: One of a Kind

The Superior Bathhouse Brewery is absolutely one of the best of the best places to have a drink in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The Brewery has several claims to fame. First of all it is located in the Superior Bathhouse on Bathhouse row, making this the only brewery in the US that is located in a national park! It also serves the only beer brewed with thermal spring water.

They have many different craft beers on tap that are made in house. And if you don’t like beer? I would highly suggest that you try their root beer. It is SO good!

They also have delicious food and a wonderful patio. So many great reasons to try the Superior Bathhouse Brewery.

The Superior bathhouse in Hot Springs National Park has a breweryPin

The Ohio Club: Gangsters and History

The Ohio Club is said to be the oldest continually operating bar in Arkansas. During prohibition it never shut down. In fact, it was a favorite of the famous gangsters who once frequented Hot Springs.

During prohibition it became a speakeasy. In the front it pretended to be a shop, but behind a false wall served up gambling and alcohol. Today this is a great restaurant as well as a wonderful place to have a drink in Hot Springs.

The huge wooden bar is beautiful and much of the gambling paraphernalia is included in the decor of the restaurant. The food is very good at The Ohio Club and you will love the variety of cocktails and whiskey choices.

The Ohio Club - one of the best restaurants in Hot Springs. It has a beautiful huge wooden bar in the restaurant and is a great place in Hot Springs to have a drink. Pin

Origami Sake: New, Arful, and Local

One of the newest additions to the drink scene in Hot Springs is Origami Saki. You will definitely want to try this exciting and hip new place!

Sake is made of both rice and water. Arkansas is famous for rice and Hot Springs is famous for its perfect water. There was no better place for Origami Sake to begin to brew their amazing sake. Better ingredients equals a better product!

You will have to make a reservation to take a tour so be sure and check out the Origami Sake website for days and hours!

Rooftop of The Waters Hotel: A Drink with a View

There’s not much better than a rooftop bar and The Waters Hotel has one of the best. The Waters has the perfect location. It is right in the middle of town just across from the famed bathhouses.

From their rooftop bar you can see the hills and valleys of Hot Springs while you sip on a delicious cocktail.

They also serve some appetizers and other light fare.


Argentinian Coffee and Wine Bar: Unique and Fun

The Argentinian Coffee and Wine Bar has a little of everything. It is a super unique restaurant that serves food such as charcuterie, flat bread pizzas, and empanadas.

Of course they have different types of coffee both American and Argentinian. Or you can get a boozy coffee. They also have ice cream or you can even get a boozy ice cream.

There is also an oxygen bar, craft beers, wine by the glass, and a self-dispensing wine bar! This is truly such a fun and interesting place.

Don’s Southern Social: Speakeasy Vibes

Don’s Southern Social is another new (as of August 2023) place in town. It is a restaurant with a speakeasy vibe but it also has a bar area.

We wrote a review of Don’s Southern Social and highly recommended the restaurant but this would also be a great place to stop in for a drink!

Grateful Head Pizza and Beer Garden: Hippie Vibes and Cold Beer

The Grateful Dead, Pizza, and Beer…not sure there is a better combination. The Grateful Head Pizza and Beer Garden was created by two brothers who love the Grateful Dead and this pizza joint is such a vibe!

First of all the “hippie inspired” pizza is very good, and then there is a variety of ice cold beer. Craft beers from Arkansas, of course, but also hard ciders, other domestic and foreign beers, and even a few cocktails on the rocks.

Their outside dining is great. It is located just off the main drag in Hot Springs and is situated with the street below and the mountain rising up on one side of the seating area.

Splash Wine Bar: Happy Hour Heaven

The Splash Wine Bar is the PERFECT before dinner stop in Hot Springs.

Or you can just forego dinner and have a charcuterie board with your drinks at the Splash Wine Bar. They serve wines from all over the world and if you are a wine newbie the staff is very helpful and can find something you will love.

They also have live music, as well as beer and a full bar for those who don’t love wine. Y’all don’t want to miss the happy hour!

Copper Penny Pub: Drinks, Fun, Friends

Copper Penny Pub is an Irish pub which combines the best of several worlds, restaurant, sports on the television, live music, a full bar, and local brews on tap. Their motto is “One pub, many drinks, much fun” which I think pretty much sums up the atmosphere of the place.

This is where you should go after dinner to relax with friends, have a nightcap, or catch the end of the game on one of the 8 large televisions. It just feels easy, relaxing, and friendly.

DeLuca’s Pizzeria: New York Pizza in the South

I almost didn’t include DeLuca’s Pizzeria because it is not as drinks oriented as some of the other places to have a drink in Hot Springs that are on this list.

However, they recently relocated to a new spot with a beautiful old wooden bar. Also, they have some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life…so I couldn’t resist.

DeLuca’s has a full bar with some delicious signature drinks. I love their twisted tea made with limoncello, but they also have a full bar, beer, and wine.

Do note that if you are going to order a pizza at DeLuca’s you will want to make a reservation. The place has gotten some wonderful press lately and is VERY busy.

Exterior sign at DeLuca's Pizzeria in Hot Springs, ArkansasPin

Mountain Valley Spring Water: Pure and Delicious

I had to include one of the most iconic places to get a drink in Hot Springs. Mountain Valley Spring Water is the original premium spring water and has been bottled for 150 years!

You can stop by the museum while you are in town and buy a bottle of this delicious water. I assure you that on a warm summer day it just hits perfectly. It actually seems to quench your thirst so much better than regular tap or bottled waters.

Be sure and have a sip while you are in town.


I hope that you have enjoyed this list of the best places to have a drink in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If we have missed one of your favorites be sure and let us know.

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