We recently went to Taylor’s Steakhouse for the first time. It happened to be my birthday and I was craving a great steak.

I had been told for years that Taylor’s has the best steak in Arkansas but although I love to travel for food somehow we had never made the drive to the town of Dumas to eat at Taylor’s Steakhouse.

We had a lovely time and a delicious meal, but, did I agree that Taylor’s Steakhouse has the best steak in Arkansas?

Well…I haven’t eaten every steak in Arkansas…

…but I will say that it was the best steaks I’ve ever eaten, not just in Arkansas, but anywhere.

Plus, Taylor’s Steakhouse is one of my favorite type of restaurants. This is a place where they are concerned about high quality, but also totally unpretentious.

Taylor's Steakhouse in Dumas Arkansas is unpretentious but may have the best steak in arkansas.Pin

Location and Ambiance of Taylor’s SteakHouse

Taylor’s Steakhouse is a destination restaurant that attracts people from all over Arkansas and the surrounding states.

The address is: 14201 AR-54, Dumas, AR 71639

You will find it off the main road in the small town of Dumas and surrounded by farm fields.

Not only is Taylor’s completely off the beaten path but it is also entirely unassuming. They may have fine food but you should not expect white tablecloths, classical music, snooty servers, and mood lighting.

Instead, you will find a super casual dining experience with simple decor and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wear your jeans and a T-shirt and come hungry.

Taylor's Steakhouse in Dumas Arkansas is unpretentious but may have the best steak in arkansas. It is casual and easy going.Pin

Do You Need Reservations?


There is one nod to fine dining at Taylor’s Steakhouse. You really, really need to make a reservation. Taylor’s is popular and people drive in from all over the state to eat here.

You wouldn’t want to arrive and have the disappointment of not being able to get a table!

What About those Steaks?

So, what makes the steaks at Taylor’s so good?

They buy the finest cuts of beef and then they age them using both both dry and wet aging methods.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about aged steaks and before I went to Taylor’s I took the time to educate myself a little bit about the process and about the difference between dry and wet aged steaks.

I am not going to go into what I learned here!

However, if you go to Taylor’s you should be sure and take a look into the aging refrigerator which is located in the front left of the restaurant.

It really is fascinating to see the steaks being kept at the perfect humidity and temperature while they develop more and more flavor.

the aging refrigerator at Taylor's steakhouse full of aging steaks. This may be the best steak in ArkansasPin

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What About the Prices?

It’s not cheap.

You may immediately notice that there are no steak prices on the menu. This is because the prices vary depending on the market. There is a board on the wall that gives you the current prices of the steaks. Of course, the wait staff can also help you out and answer any questions that you might have.

Remember, this is exceptionally high quality and time consumingly aged beef.

Board with steak prices at Taylor's steakhouse which is said to have the best steak in ArkansasPin

More about the Menu at Taylor’s Steakhouse

On the menu you will find a variety of appetizers including the aforementioned cheese dip. I saw tons of tables choosing the dip as their appetizer so it must be pretty good.

In addition to the cheese dip our waitress told us that one of the most popular appetizers is the blackened duck breast. It looked delicious. There are several other starters to choose from but we decided to save room for the meal.

As you peruse the menu you will see that there are some non-steak dishes like shrimp or catfish or a pork chop. There are even a couple of pasta dishes. This is great for anyone in your party who doesn’t like to eat beef, but…

…most of you are here for the steak.

You can choose from bone-in rib-eyes, T-bones, or even a Porterhouse steak for two.

I had the bone in filet which was something I had never tried before. Wow. They say on the menu that there is something about that bone and I agree! Such a decadent flavor.

Any steak you order will be accompanied by a loaf of bread with 2 types of butter; plain and garlic herb. The bread is not the crusty type you might expect but a soft loaf. It’s a fine start, but you aren’t going to want to fill up on bread.

sign from Taylor's steakhouse which serves some of the best steak in Arkansas.Pin

You also get a salad with homemade dressing and then a choice of side dish with your meal. Some of the options are baked potatoes, fries, button mushrooms, asparagus and creamed spinach.

But, let’s get back to the steaks.

I ordered mine medium rare and my husband asked for his to be cooked closer to medium and…

Oh. My. Word.

First of all they arrived hot and perfectly, perfectly cooked to our specifications.

Second, I have never had a more tender steak. The knife went through the meat like it was cutting through butter.

And then there was the flavor! Concentrated, intense and incredibly delicious. It is difficult to find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed eating that steak.

In fact I am craving it again as I write this post!

Bone in filet at Taylor's steakhouse. Some people say that this is the best steak in Arkansas. I say it was one of the best steaks I have ever had!Pin

Drinks and Dessert

Be aware that there is not a full service bar at Taylor’s. They do have a good selection of beer and wine as non-alcoholic beverages.

You will want to strongly consider having dessert.

It was my birthday. I went in knowing that I would have dessert. I’m so glad that I did.

I can highly recommend the bread pudding with rum sauce. Sweet perfection. You might be tempted to lick the bowl after you finish.

History of Taylor’s Steakhouse

By the way, how did such a good restaurant begin in this rural area?

Taylor’s Steakhouse started as Taylor’s grocery in 1954. It moved several times but in 1983 ended up in its current location. As the grocery business declined the family began to serve lunch.

At that time they were serving burgers, fries, fried shrimp, etc. They were especially known for their cheese dip.

Cheese dip is a food item which happens to be an Arkansas staple and is still on the menu at Taylor’s.

The owners, Chuck and Pam Taylor, say on their website that they had always wanted to open an evening dinner restaurant. This were able to begin this in fall of 2012.

Nowadays Taylor’s Steakhouse does not serve lunch. They have dinner on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

So, did Taylor’s Steakhouse have the best steak in Arkansas? Once I have tried every steak in Arkansas I will let you know! WhatI can tell you is that they serve an absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked steak!

In addition the service is friendly and welcoming and I loved the off the beaten path location and the casual atmosphere.

Let me know what you think if you try Taylor’s!

And if you want to drive to another off the beaten path restaurant check out the Tamale Factory.

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