We LOVE our pie in this state! All kinds of pie are popular and many people claim that Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets has the best pie in Arkansas.

Maybe I should set a goal to try every restaurant pie in my home state of Arkansas so that I can let you know!

What I can say is that Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets serves an amazing slice of pie.

Charlotte's Eats and Sweets is a restaurant in the small town of Keo that has the best pie in Arkansas. Choose the coconut pie, or the caramel, or the cherry...all the pies are good!Pin

Where is Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets?

Charlotte’s was started in 1993 by Charlotte Bowls and is located in the small town of Keo.

The address is: 290 Main Street, Keo, Arkansas.

Keo is a tiny town with a population of well under 200 people. You may feel as if you are driving to the middle of nowhere.

Don’t worry. You aren’t.

Keo is actually only about a 30 minute drive from Little Rock. It is near the town of Scott, Arkansas and the Plum Bayou Mounds Archeological State Park which many people still call the Toltec Mounds State Park.

The restaurant sits in the small downtown of Keo. It is in an historic building which was once a pharmacy and still has some of the original fixtures including a beautiful old soda fountain.

Interior of Charlottes Eats and Sweets. This was once a pharmacy and still has some of the original fixtures including the old soda fountain.Pin

What About Those Pies?

These are world class pies!

And the meringue is masterful. The best ever.

If you think you don’t like meringue it is only because you haven’t had the meringue at Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets. Their meringue is fluffy and white, sitting at least 4 inches high, with the perfect amount of browning on the top.

Pies at Charlotte's Eats and Sweets in Keo, ArkansasPin

It is not too sweet, not cloying, not gooey – this meringue is light and fluffy and perfect.

TIP NUMBER 1: Bring cash! Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets does not take credit cards!

TIP NUMBER 2: Arrive early! Lines will begin to form at the restaurant before the doors open. Only a certain number of pies are made per day and when they are gone, well, they are gone.

This fact leads me to:

TIP NUMBER 3: When they come to take your order select your pie first. They way you are assured of getting the flavor that you want.

While you are at it maybe you should go ahead and eat your dessert before your main course.

Live a little!

Is there food at Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets other than pies?

Menu at Charlottes Eats and SweetsPin

Yes, Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets is a restaurant with food other than pies.

You will find very good burgers and a couple of delicious sandwiches including the Keo Klassic which is a turkey sandwich dipped in a parmesan garlic cream sauce and grilled. My word!

On weekdays there will be a daily lunch special. These change but some of the recent items have been chicken spaghetti, beef stew, and chicken and dumplings.

Each weekday will have a different special and the menu varies each week so be sure and check the Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets facebook page if you would like to know what they will be serving.

But, back to the pies

All the food is very good, but…let’s be real, you are here for the pie. Do be aware that the pie selection does change. However, Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets is said to have the best coconut pie in the south and they often have it on the menu.

That is the flavor that I usually order when I visit this restaurant and if you are a coconut lover this pie is amazing! It is usually one of the first types of pie to sell out so get it quick.

Coconut pie at Charlottes Eats and SweetsPin

My second favorite is the caramel pie. It is decadent and delicious.

Fruit pies? They are all amazing, too.

You might also find chocolate pie, chocolate and peanut butter pie, What can I say, I like them all.

Oh, and there is cake, too! Although Charlotte’s is known for pies the cakes are equally as good.

I’m promise you that a visit to Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets is definitely worth the drive!

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