On a recent trip to Northwest Arkansas we visited the War Eagle Caverns in Rogers, Arkansas. We really enjoyed our tour of the caverns and visit to the beautiful grounds alongside Beaver Lake.

A Visit to War Eagle Cavern in Rogers, Arkansas

Location of War Eagle Cavern

War Eagle Cavern is located just down the road from the War Eagle Mill. If you are at the mill you can just follow the signs down the beautiful winding road to get to the caverns.

Or you can put the address in your GPS. Here is the Address for War Eagle Caverns.

21494 Cavern Rd Rogers, AR 72756

Did you know that if you are boating on Beaver Lake that you can even arrive to the caverns by water? Here are the directions from the War Eagle Cavern website to enter by boat:

“War Eagle Cavern is just a short boat ride away from Prairie Creek, Rocky Branch, Lost Bridge, and Starkey Marinas. On the south side of Beaver Lake look for Navigational Marker Number 6. Follow the inlet to the left of the marker towards Devil’s Gap. After passing Marker 6 keep to the right and look for the billboard. There is a dock where you can park your boat and walk up to the visitor center.”

Information and Costs

When we arrived we found that we were just in time for the last tour of the day. We were greeted by the friendliest staff members. Everyone we encountered here was so nice and helpful.

There are nice clean bathrooms for the guests as well as a well-stocked and fun gift shop.

Besides the cavern there are plenty of other fun activities on the property especially for children. When you buy your tickets you can elect to just see the cave or to purchase a ticket that allows you to also experience all the above ground fun.

Reservations are not required but you can purchase your tickets on their website in advance if you want.

This photo is taken from inside a cave looking to the outside. Inside is dark and stony. Outside the mouth of the cave are green trees and light. This is War Eagle Caverns in Rogers Arkansas.Pin

Quick Overview of the Tour

Shandy was our wonderful guide. She gave us a brief history of the caverns as we walked to the cave entrance.

The paved path to the cavern leads down the hill and alongside a beautiful cove which is part of Beaver Lake.

A stream runs through the cave and exits pouring into the cove. This causes the water in this part of the lake to be a gorgeous clear aqua color.

There is a pretty body of water taken from the hill above. There are trees in front of you and looking down on a cove which is a pretty aquamarine color. Pin

Not only is the War Eagle Cavern located right on Beaver Lake but it has a natural entrance. This is unusual for a commercial cave!

In fact, this was my first time entering a commercial cave through a natural entrance and it was definitely one of my favorite things about this cave tour.

There is something special about going from the light of an Arkansas day into the cavern feeling the temperature drop and the light fade with each step farther inside.

A path leads from the outside into a cave. There are huge rocks on one side and rocky overhang. The path leads from light into the darkness of War Eagle Caverns. Pin

The temperature inside the cave is about 58 degrees so you will want to dress accordingly. The path ways are wide and easy to follow but you will definitely want to watch your head from time to time as the ceiling of the cavern gets low.

Your guide will warn you when to duck!

We were taken to a variety of rooms and domes and down various passageways. You will often be walking alongside the same stream that exits the cave into the lake and you will see a couple of interior waterfalls in the cavern.

Our guide, Shandy, was excellent. She was fun and informative.

She told us everything we wanted to know about the caverns. Including lots of interesting information about the bats that live in the cave as well as about the various formations.

We also learned about the ancient history of the cavern as well as more recent history.

Interior of a cave. it is quite dark but there are old barrels and bottles that look like they might have once held moonshine. Pin

It was fun hearing about the movie scenes that were filmed inside the cave.

Overall it was a great tour and I definitely recommend it for all ages. The tour is about an hour long which, for us, was just the right amount of time.

Want to Experience a Cave Tour that is a Little More Wild?

If you want a more adventurous tour they offer a Wild Cavern Tour which will take you through two miles more of the cave and begins where the regular tour ends!

From what we were told you will need to be able to crawl and climb and squeeze through tight spots for this one.

Above the Ground Fun at War Eagle Cavern

Children will especially love some of the above ground activities at War Eagle Cavern. First of all the grounds are beautiful. The dogwoods were in full bloom during our visit and it was SO pretty.

You will find a “gravity house” called the Moonshiner’s Shack as well as a place to pan for gemstones, a maze and several other activities that kids will enjoy.

The photo is of a sign that says War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake. It leads onto a path flanked by two benches. To the right you see a teepee. Pin

We really enjoyed our visit to War Eagle Caverns!

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