My husband and I recently had a chance to go on a day date while my mother babysat our daughter. We decided to try Smokin’ Oak Pizza and Taproom in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Not only had we heard good things about the pizza here, but we had also heard about their wall of self pour drinks! So, we were excited to give it a try.

It did not disappoint! This is such a fun place.

We thought that Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza had a warm and welcoming atmosphere along with great food. That’s always a perfect combination.

Not only that, this restaurant is unique because it has the only digital self-pour tap wall in Arkansas!

Although Smokin’ Oak is a small chain this Fayetteville location has local owners and it definitely has a “local” feel.

The Interior of a restaurant. You can see a wood fired oven on the right side background. There are two servers preparing pizzas in the forground. They are wearing black aprons. The name of the restaurant is Smokin' Oak Pizza and Taproom. Pin

Location of Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza

The Fayetteville restaurant is located at:

3959 N. Steele Blvd.
Suite 152, Fayetteville, AR 72703

And Their Hours Are:

Sun thru Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri & Sat: 11AM to 10PM

Meal Specials and Events

Be sure and check the Smokin Oak Pizza website for both meal specials and events. You will find that they have lunch specials as well as a happy hour for beer and drinks.

They also have events such as singing bingo (aka Singo) and Trivia nights.

Review of Smokin’ Oak Pizza in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ambiance and Service

This is wood fired pizza, y’all. So when you walk in you are immediately enveloped by the amazing aroma of pizza cooking and wood burning. It was amazing!

As a matter of fact, I think I need a wood-fired pizza scented candle.

The restaurant is cool and hip but not over the top. I would describe the ambiance as “casual warm industrial.” I know that’s not exactly a designer term but…here is what I mean. The space has concrete floors and industrial elements yet still feels cozy, casual, and unpretentious.

There are lots of windows which made it nice and bright for a lunch time meal.

Smokin Oak Pizza in Fayetteville is a relaxed and informal place where you order at a counter but then the food is brought to your table. The service was friendly and the servers took the time to explain how everything worked.

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But What About the Food?

The pizza is excellent.

It happens to be my opinion that all the BEST pizzas in the world are cooked in wood-fired ovens. Smokin’ Oak Pizza in Fayetteville is no exception.

They make their own dough every day. All the ingredients used are super fresh. Even the meat toppings are cooked in-house.

The pizzas here are all 10″ individual sized. This was perfect for us because we could each get a different kind and share. The crust was perfection, not too crisp and not too soft…just right.

We thought that the pizzas were both tasty and innovative.

I love all things spicy so I had the Buffalo chicken pizza. It had Buffalo sauce, mozzarella, chicken and banana peppers which were all baked in the hot ovens. After it came out they topped it with green onions, bleu cheese dressing and a drizzle of raspberry sauce.

Don’t sleep on that raspberry sauce, y’all. It added the perfect touch of sweetness to the pizza and took it up a notch. I thought it was a great flavor combination.

My husband had the Italian Stallion which was an olive oil and mozzarella pizza with prosciutto, fresh tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes with crushed red pepper, garlic and basil. He thought it was great.

There are also good salads, melty cheese-stuffed pizza dough appetizers, and…you have got to try the S’mores dip for dessert.

The photo is taken from above of two pizzas. The one on the bottom is in focus while the one in the back is blurry. The closer in-focus pizza appears to be unique. You can see a delicious wood fired crust and chicken on the pizza with jalapeno and onion. There is some type of red sauce drizzled across the top. Pin

The Self Pour Tap Wall

The self-pour tap wall is a super fun part of the restaurant!

Smokin’ Oak Pizza has a large selection of beers, wines, and cocktails on tap and the selections change regularly.

A wall of digital beer taps all in a row. The wall behind the taps is a small black hex tile. There are glasses on shelves below the taps and a table and chairs in the right foreground. The name of the restaurant is Smokin' Oak Wood-fired pizza and taproom. They have the only digital self serve beer wall in Arkansas. Pin

Here’s how it works: If you want to try a selection of drinks you are given a wrist band. You go to the wall which has all the taps as well as a wide variety of beverage containers such beer mugs, smaller glasses for flights, wine glasses and more.

You just peruse the tap wall, select the drink(s) you want and the container(s) for them. Scan your wrist band, and pour your beverage. The price per ounce is labeled and as you pour you will see how many ounces you are getting.

This is great because you have the ability to try several different things. You can even make you own craft beer flight. Of course there are also wines and I even tried the Razorback cocktail which was delish!

Close-up of A hand holding a glass of beer in front of a row of taps set into a wall. Pin

A Gathering Place

Smokin’ Oak Pizza of course has tables at which the guests can eat, but there are also arrangements of comfortable chairs, and a big stack of games. This makes it a great place to gather and have drinks and laughs with friends.

They also have events on different nights such as trivia or singo. So be sure and follow their instagram where they will keep you updated on all the information.

The interior of a restaurant with brown leather chairs, concrete floors, black tables. There are regular tables and chairs and the areas of conversational seating with coffee tables and end tables. Pin

We really enjoyed this casual and delicious restaurant in Fayetteville. Hope you do, too!

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