Waterfall season in the Natural State is the best and here is our list of the best easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas!

The writers of this blog are Karen and Emily, a mother-daughter duo who LOVE to explore our home state of Arkansas. We believe that our state has some of the most beautiful scenery and wonderful hiking trails.

Now that Emily has a child (and we are bringing her along on most of our hikes) we have found ourselves mostly taking the “easy” Arkansas hikes.

So, what do we mean by easy?

For the purposes of this post these are hikes that are less than 1.5 miles round trip and mostly flat.

In fact, some of the waterfalls on this list actually do not require a hike at all! At a few of these you can park your car and take only a short walk to view a beautiful Arkansas waterfall.

Things to know about waterfalls in Arkansas

Before we share our list of easy waterfall hikes here are a few things that you need to know about waterfalls in Arkansas:

  • Most waterfalls in Arkansas are rain dependent. They will be prettiest during a time when we have had a lot of rain (usually spring) and will tend to dry up during dryer times (usually summer.)
  • Arkansas is hot in the summer. If you are hiking in the summer time bring plenty of water.
  • Use bug spray unless you are hiking in winter!
  • Consider doing some cold-weather hiking. Not only are there no bugs, but there is almost nothing prettier than a frozen waterfall!
  • Arkansas hiking trails tend to be very rocky. Wear proper footwear.
  • To get the best views of some of the falls you might need to cross some water. We like to wear waterproof shoes when hiking. Currently we are loving our Hokas!

Easy Waterfall Hikes in Arkansas

The waterfalls below are in alphabetical order. The nearest city is in parenthesis by the name of the waterfall.

If you want to explore more waterfalls in Arkansas I HIGHLY suggest that you purchase the book Waterfalls of Arkansas by Tim Ernst. He is the guru of hiking in our wonderful state!

These are popular waterfalls and directions to all of them can be found online!

Blaylock Creek Falls (Langley)

This is a pretty waterfall in the Albert Pike Recreation Area in the Ouachita Mountains. It tumbles off of the mountainside into Blaylock Creek and you can drive (dirt roads) almost right to it.

It is a very kid-friendly place and it is also a great swimming hole! On our last visit there was even a rope swing over the swimming hole.

Bridal Veil Falls and Cornelius Falls (Heber Springs)

A short walk from a parking area will take you to a wooden viewing platform up above Bridal Veil Falls!

If you want to see the falls from the bottom you will have to walk/scramble down a very steep slope. This was not something that we were able to do with Lyla at age 2 but older children would be able to take the trail down.

The falls are even more beautiful from below.

There is a bonus in this area! Cornelius Falls is another waterfall just a short walk away.

You can reach it by following the signs from the parking lot or if you go to the bottom of the trail at Bridal Veil Falls you can follow the creek downstream and take a left to see Cornelius Falls.

Here are some more things that you might want to do in Heber Springs!

Collins Creek Cascade (Heber Springs)

Collins Creek Cascade is also located near the town of Heber Springs.

From the parking lot you will take a short walk through the woods to a beautiful cascade.

One of the things that is especially great about this area is that the water comes from the bottom of Greer’s Ferry Lake. This means that it is both cold and flowing year round which makes it especially good for a summer hike.

The trail leads on to a nice campground on the Little Red River and there is a playground on the way that children would enjoy.

Collins Creek Cascade is one of the easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas. This is a cascade more than a waterfalls and comes tumbling down the mountainside and makes a creek that leads to the Little Red River. Pin

Twin Falls at Devil’s Den (Devil’s Den State Park)

I suspect that this is one of the most popular waterfall hikes in Arkansas. It is also the only waterfall in the state that I’ve seen that has a bridge in front of it. (Let me know if there are others!)

The hike is a mostly easy 1.5 mile loop. You will also find gorgeous rock formations as well as a cave/bluff shelter on the way to the falls so you might want to bring a flashlight.

Falling Water Falls (Sand Gap)

Falling Water Falls is definitely one of the easiest of the easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas. In fact, there is not really a hike at all. There is a parking area right next to the fall alongside the creek.

This is also a local’s favorite swimming hole in the summer and a beautiful spot year round.

The photo is of a fairly low waterfall coming off the side of a rocky embankment and pouring into a pool of blue water. The season appears to be fall. This is Falling Water Falls which is a popular easy waterfall hike in Arkansas. It is also a very popular swimming hole in the summer. Pin

Falls Creek Falls (Lake Catherine State Park)

This is one of my favorite little waterfalls in the state. Falls Creek Falls is located in Lake Catherine State Park which is near the town of Hot Springs.

When you get to the trailhead just follow the loop trail to the left and the falls are only about 1/2 mile away on mostly flat terrain.

You can follow the loop on around for a longer hike with some nice views or do like we did and just turn around and go back the way you came.

Lyla walked most of this one by herself!

A little girl on a pebble covered area in front of a pretty waterfall. Pin

Haw Creek Falls and Pack Rat Falls (Pelsor – Haw Creek Campground)

This is a two for one as both of these waterfalls are accessed from the same location.

Haw Creek Falls is not tall, but it is beautiful. Not only that, but you can drive to within feet of the waterfall and camp very close by.

To get there you will follow the signs to Haw Creek Falls Campground.

Do be aware that you will drive across Haw Creek on a low water bridge so the way might be impassable if the water is high.

A low waterfall pouring into a pretty green colored creek. This is Haw Creek Falls which is one of the easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas. You can drive almost right up to it. Pin

In addition to Haw Creek Falls there is a gorgeous canyon towards the back of the campground area. Just follow the creek and you will find Pack Rat Falls. It is only about 1/4 mile one way!

The hike to Pack Rat Falls does involve scrambling over rocks and possibly walking in water but it is worth it!

Pack Rat is one of my favorite little waterfalls in the state!

A waterfall pouring into a pool of blue water. Looks like you can walk behind the waterfall. Pin

Highway 123 Falls (Hagarville)

As the name indicates this waterfall is just off of highway 123. There is a parking area just across the street from the water fall.

Be careful crossing the highway! Once you are across it is just a short walk – a bit of a scramble – to the base of the waterfall.

You can even see it from the road in the winter when the leaves aren’t on the trees!

A waterfall in the distance with a tree in the foreground. Pin

Kings River Falls (Boston)

Kings River Falls is a long time favorite. The hike is about 1.5 miles round trip and although the distance is a little longer than some on this list it is an easy, flat walk.

The waterfall is only 10 feet tall, but it is so pretty.

This is a wonderful place and the area below the falls is a popular swimming hole!

Little Missouri Falls (Langley)

The Little Missouri Falls is another of our favorites in the Ouachita Mountains. This is series of cascades more than a big waterfall, but it is really beautiful.

There are also some wonderful swimming holes on the Little Missouri River.

Blanchard Springs and Spillway Falls (Fifty-Six)

Neither of these is officially a “waterfall” but in our opinion this area is not to be missed.

You can see the spot where Blanchard Springs rushes out from the cavern and it is just beautiful. It is also completely paved so you can push a stroller right up to it if you are traveling with a baby.

In our opinion…Mirror Lake is magical!

Yes the “waterfall” is officially a spillway but the lake and spillway are absolutely stunning. There is also the remains of an old mill that makes for some gorgeous photos.

Natural Dam Falls (Van Buren)

This is a really interesting waterfall. It is only about 8 feet tall but it is nearly 200 feet wide.

It looks like it is a man-made dam, but as the name suggests, it is totally natural.

You can see this one right from your car! They also have picnic tables if you want to stop and relax there for a bit.

Pams Grotto (Hagarville)

Pams Grotto has always been one of my favorites waterfalls!

This is a mile round trip hike and there is a little more elevation than many of the hikes on this list but it is worth it!

You will walk alongside some gorgeous rock bluffs and then find your way almost blocked by a huge boulder. Just around the other side of the boulder is one of the prettiest waterfalls in the state located in a beautiful grotto!

An interesting looking waterfall pouring into a bright blue pool of water. This is Pam's Grotto which is one of the easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas. Pin

Tanyard Creek Falls (Bella Vista)

Tanyard Creek Falls is another spillway that we are calling a waterfall.

It is not only gorgeous but easy to get to. In fact, all of the Tanyard Creek nature area is worth a visit in our opinion!

Triple Falls (Camp Orr)

Triple Falls is one of the most magical spots in the Ozark Mountains!

This is officially a twin waterfall and the original name was twin falls. However, when there has been plenty of rain it becomes a triple waterfall.

The hike is super easy and flat – less than 1/4 mile.

However the drive to the trailhead is a steep downhill on a dirt road. So, you might want to consider whether or not your vehicle will make it back up the hill!

A young man and woman with a child in front of a gorgeous triple waterfall. Pin

BONUS: Lost Valley Trail (just over 2 miles round trip near Boxley Valley)

I am including Lost Valley Trail as a bonus because it doesn’t quite fit the parameters that we have defined as an “easy” hike.

Lost Valley Trail is over 2 miles round trip and has some elevation gain at the end with drop offs.

However, it is such a beautiful hike and would be great to do with older kids!

A young man and woman with a child in front of a waterfall coming down a rocky slope. Pin

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of easy waterfall hikes in Arkansas. If your favorite is not on the list let us know! Maybe it is one that we haven’t hiked yet!

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